How to Win at Woodsball

Most people know that they key to winning any game is to have fun. If you've had fun, you've won the game. However, if you are more competitive, this guide will show you how to master paintball in the woods.


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    Work as a team. The most effective woodsball players are also the most effective team players.
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    Chose a role to play, and master it. If you like putting out large quantities of paint, try to master that skill and become a machine gunner. If you like to move quickly between place to place, try to master guerrilla warfare and doing hit and run tactics. If you like to stay in one place and shoot, try to master your accuracy and be a marksman.
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    Coordinate your team, and use different maneuvers to engage your opponent. (See tip on communication)
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    Learn how to use your weapon effectively. Keep a proper stance, and purchase a bipod if necessary. If you prefer a marksman role, learn how to sight your weapon in and fire it with the sights. If you prefer a machine gunner role, learn to fire short, continuous, bursts.
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    Learn patience, and keep your mind open to tactics. Formulate plans, and communicate those plans to your team. Also learn how to change these plans on the fly.
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    Learn how to use terrain to your advantage. For instance, if someone has their velocity too high, then even light bushes will cause the paintball to break and splatter all over the bush, keeping you safe.
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    Try to teach other people tactics. The more you teach other people, the faster you will discover flaws in your original tactics.
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    Communicate with other paintball players outside of the field. An effective woodsball player talks with other woodsball players, to learn tactics and strategies, along with skills and ideas on how to play the game. This also promotes community.


  • Designate jobs early in the formation of your team. This will allow everyone to familiarize themselves with their roles, and adapt their weapons if they choose to upgrade.
  • Prepare to spend time on non-game days learn how to use your weapons effectively, and keeping yourself in shape.
  • Likewise, keep yourself in shape. Physical and mental fitness is the first step to winning a paintball match.
  • Eat. An army marches on it's stomach, and so must you. A lack of food will result in a lack of concentration.
  • Understand that special devices do not always work as planned. Paint grenades are especially bad at these, as they have a very low reported success rate. However, if you gain skill with a paint grenade, you can become a valuable asset to your team.
  • Communicate effectively between your teammates. Give names to frequently used locations. If you have a stretch of open field where no one can cross, call it "No Man's Land". If you have a small pond, call it "The Lake". Give code words for the number of opponents as well, such as "Tangos" or "Charlie". This will allow you to relay a good amount of information quickly. For instance, "We've got six guys coming down from the large open field" becomes "Six tangos in No Man's Land".

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