How to Win an Airsoft War

Fed up with losing constantly every time you play Airsoft? Your journey is finally over! Just read through this article to help you out!


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    Work as a team! The only way to win against opponent is to work as a team! Buy walkie-talkies in order to help to communicate easily throughout the battlefield so that you can co-operate.
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    Keep stealthy! Stealthy people in Airsoft are the ones to succeed the most! Instead of running loudly around just maintain low profile and move slowly but steadily. If you are a squad leader than research hand signals. These are useful when your enemy is nearby. It saves you talking and aids in keeping stealthy.
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    Do not maintain the same position throughout the entire war! Your opponents will find it easy to find you, overrun you and finally hunt you down. When you move make sure to watch and listen carefully. React to any suspicious sound near you.
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    Always listen to the squad leader's orders. Squad Leader is a very tough role and requires a great deal of stress management and confidence. Make sure the Squad Leader is well trained and understands the role.
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    Watch for snipers! Snipers are your worst enemies and are feared throughout the battlefield. Snipers usually are well camouflaged so make sure you maintain low profile and keep stealth as well as watching and listening everything around you.
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    Buy a good gun. Most of the work is done by yourself but having a good gun doesn't hurt.
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    Be alert of everything around you. If you will run overconfident in yourself then you will be the first one to be out of the game! Make sure you get steady approach.
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    Think before you do! It is always better to stay in one place just a bit longer to plan where are you going to move and what you are going to do rather than just running around spraying and praying for a lucky hit. If you're a sniper than think before you shoot as well! Shooting might get you spotted easily and you want to avoid it!


  • Never wear something that contrasts your surroundings.
  • After a couple of battles and when everyone is into a routine try a complete, all out ambush. Surprise them so they are caught in a crossfire.
  • Always stick with at least one person so if you get attacked by surprise you have someone else there to shoot back (ex. a rifleman with a guy with a pistol)
  • If you have more than 2 machine gunners place the one with the heaviest gun in a defensive position (ex: narrow area or closed off base with wide field ahead) and the other can move along with forward troops to provide cover in case of a need to escape.
  • Wear proper eye-wear. Use a mask if you can. Also, use a mouth guard, and/or ear wear, if you want to, as bbs can take out a tooth(only strong guns) and hurt when they hit your ear. However, if you wear a full head mask, a mouth-ear guard is not needed. Also, a sniper should not wear a mask as it obscures your vision. Use the 180 degree vision or higher.
  • Make a good choice when choosing a captain. The captain shouldn't just be the person who is the best shot or has the best gun, but the one who has shown that he/she has an eye for tactics.
  • Snipers should move slowly and quietly. BE PATIENT! Ghille suit recommended. Be as undetectable as possible. If your cover is blown, don't run, stay low, and try to blend back in, if your camouflage is good, there's a chance that they person will ignore it, if they do notice you, remember you have the better weapon. Use it to your advantage, and take your longer ranged shots, and if they get to close, you should always have a spotter with an aeg or a scoped m14 to keep them at bay until you can get away to a new position. If you are ever caught in the open alone, use your side arm, which should be a nice gas blow back pistol or a smaller AEG.
  • Only have the rifleman and the support gunner take out the other sniper at close range. Have the sniper attempt long range shots to machine gunners/riflemen.
  • The sniper is not usually determined at the time of the war. He/she usually knows that they will be the sniper.
  • think they are real bullets coming at you and think fast.
  • Always carry a sidearm and extra ammo for both of your guns, you will always need it.(extra meaning more than 2000 rounds. Depending on your gun, bring more.)
  • Try to get 2 pistols 2 machine guns 1 shotgun and 1 sniper.
  • A thick jacket or two layers of clothing (or a combination of the two) can soften the blow if shot.


  • Airsoft guns can be dangerous if misused.
  • ALWAYS WEAR EYEWEAR WHEN AROUND AIRSOFT GUNS!!! They are extremely powerful and some are strong enough to cause a deep cut in bare skin.
  • When playing in woods remember to bring a hat for ticks.
  • Only play where you know people won't think the airsoft guns are real.

Things You'll Need

  • Airsoft guns/side arms.
  • extra ammo.
  • eye, teeth and ear protection.
  • Large area for a war.
  • 10 or more people.
  • Light Body Armour(optional)
  • water
  • camouflage clothing
  • food

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