How to Win an Airsoft War Outnumbered

Have you ever been in a heated Airsoft battle and all of your teammates got out? Ever wished you could've won? Well with some tips, you could possibly win a war outnumbered


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    Choose a Airsoft gun that suits you, with decent range and a model you personally like. CYMA AK's, G&G Combat Machines, Lancer Tactical M4's and FAL's are a good beginner start.
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    Carry around your main weapon in a holster or a sling. Always be careful with your equipment.
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    When your teammates are out, immediately go into hiding. Try to pick of individual players, in the order of sniper, main gunner, front gunner, rifleman.
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    Practice stealth around the house to get good at it before you try it in hiding. Try sneaking up on parents or your cat even. You know you are good when your cat can't hear you come up.
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    When you are in hiding, try to camouflage yourself as best as possible. Try to break up the outline of your body. The enemy will be looking for something recognizable like a boot, gun, helmet etc.....
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    Work with your teammates. If there are more teammates with you, get into a group and try to eliminate the enemy using guerrilla tactics. Always follow the orders of the person in charge, and always use hand signals to be undetected: such as, fist for stop, two fingers pointing for go etc.
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    Use the element of surprise. If you can catch the enemy off guard, you can probably pick off one or two before they know what is happening. If you have a sniper, be methodical. Pick them off one by one, and always move after 3 or 4 shots. If one is close to moving into cover take him out first, but do not rush the shot. Once a couple are out move to your left or right (stealthily) and disappear into the terrain. Never fall backwards straight behind where you shot at them from. Keep in good distance of the squad or target and repeat the process.
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    Act quickly if you're found. You have 2 options: hold your ground (if you have a larger squad remaining or better cover) or run. Don't be afraid to run. Often they will lose you because they will trail you. Opening another option for a quick ambush for you and a couple of satisfying "hits" from the opponent. Ridges and high rises are great for ambushes and guerrilla tactics as they consent moment better and allow for easy escapes.


  • Be safe, it's just a game.
  • Try to camouflage yourself and break up your outline.
  • Remember to use stealth to your advantage.
  • always bring plenty of heavy grade ammo.


  • Don't hurt anyone. It's just a game.

Things You'll Need

  • High fps gun or rifle
  • Plenty of ammo
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Skills

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