How to Win a Recreational Paintball Game

Here are instructions for how to win a recreational paintball game. Learn when to attack, where to move, and who to take out first!


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    Know your team. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. If your team doesn't have a strong sniper, you must go on the attack, and take the other team out. If your team has strong snipers, then set up traps, where when the other team comes into a zone you have people shooting from all directions, even experiment with your positions to see find your best two more example if any team member thinks it would be too likely to get tagged in the middle of the paintball war and it is too risky if they get noticed then being a sniper might be a better choice. The second example is if any team member thinks "Oh, who would want to mess with this person in the middle of the field", then go for Infantry, Rifleman, Gunner, Guard, Patrol or Scout, these two examples are found out from experience and practice so this may take some practice at paintball to realize this type of suggestion. Please keep in mind that the more noticeable you are, the more prone you are to get tagged; things like sound, improper camouflage,bright colors,radios,loud music,some times you're better off keeping it to your self then saying it to others think of it it's a better choice to keep it to your self about reloading then to yell cover me reloading in case of snipers or other opponents that find you compared to not being noticed from keeping it to self
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    Know what the other team has. At the beginning of the game, when choosing teams, notice what type of weaponry the other team has. Notice the key players (these are usually the leaders of the teams) and what they have with them. Notice ammo supply that the key players have. You must be very observant!but don't rudely stare at them because then they will notice you and tag you remember to consider the weaknesses in tactics of both your opponents action and weapon for example if there's a whole bunch of opponents you don't use your paintball gun what you use is a paintball grenade, if you think someone is about to paint grenade you or tag you tag them fast before they get a chance
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    Set up a game plan. Figure out where you can make your strong side. Plan for attacks. You must hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Have an attack squad, and a defense squad. For advanced teams, you can make a game plan after the game starts. In order to do this, have 2 or so people sprint forward and take cover. Find out where the other team is going. Then they come back tell the team. Then your team can attack the weak side of the other team. You must be fast, and think quickly.
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    Attack hard! Once you start, don't turn back. You can change the plan, but don't give up. The rule"the best defense is a good attack" works very well in this game.remember you cannot turn back once your hooked to an opponent you can only turn back when the player is not noticed by the opponent do not forget to add your solutions to the issues with your teams issues and vulnerabilities
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    Set a Trap. If you play in the woods, wear a brightly colored T-Shirt when you arrive. Then after you go in to the field, put on a dark colored or camouflage jacket. Hang your brightly colored shirt so that it looks like you are hiding badly. Conceal yourself nearby. When someone approaches and starts shooting at your shirt, spring the trap! It's also super sneaky to bury yourself with debris.remember to make the traps as hidden as possible
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    If you win the game...change the plan for the next game. Even slightly, because the other team knows what you did and will be expecting it in the next game. But if you lose, learn what went wrong. Take the mistakes, and ask the people who got shot if they could survive if they repeated their tasks.
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    Always protect the guy who invited you, or paid for you, if they're on your team.


  • If a massive amount of players on your team go down, don't retreat, but run silent, and take cover. Don't shoot until you know you have a sure shot.
  • Mark key points that your team could take.
  • Do not forget the stretching before the game - if you aren't in fit, some moves like crouching and running allied to the game stress might be too expensive to your body.
  • If all else fails, go solo.
  • Conserve your resources in case you need some for later this way it takes longer for you to have to reload making you vulnerable.
  • Communicate! Talk to your team mates during the game. Let others know when, where and how many opponents you see. For small groups (2-3 people close together) prearranged or common use hand signals are very effective at communicating your intentions and opponent locations and strengths.
  • If you live in the city then try to go to a regulated arena or find a public game with the military.
  • Make checkpoints at areas where you know it will be safe to advance.
  • Look at what roles will keep the risk of being tagged to a minimum. There is always a risk of being tagged during every game and if you got a recent spotless record then it's even worse to get tagged in this way can be viewed as an imperfection.
  • Change plans after games. Don't repeat your strategy.unless your going to random in the way that just when the other team thinks they know what's next you change it even write it down on paper and read it out in private to see if you can find a pattern and how to improve it
  • Always have Infantry, Rifleman, Gunner, Guard, Patrol and scouts;

infantry can also be a rifleman, a gunner, and a guard or patrol.


  • Do not scream or yell too loud as the opponents may notice you and will destroy your element of surprise and stealth.
  • Avoid close quarters combat.

Things You'll Need

  • A paintball gun with ammo
  • A fully filled air tank
  • A paintball mask
  • A barrel sock
  • Thick layers of clothes
  • Consent to play on property of others
  • A contract to play with the rules of engagement

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