How to Win a Fight When The Odds Are Against You

You are having a fight- you're being mugged, you're street fighting, or having fun with friends. You need to win, you want to win; you have a feeling you will reach the end. But the odds, the people, and everything are against you. Need help on winning without worrying about the odds? Read the article for help.


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    Don't get hit. Stay back move on to gauge distance. Distance yourself from opponent's strikes, but make sure you are able to land strikes. This is an advantage for those with long arms.
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    Keep those eyes on every open spot.
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    Stay back, then sneak up and swipe kicks with the goal of making your opponent fall. Let your eyes and strikes synchronize: your punches should land where your eyes do.
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    Take your time breathing, inhaling, and exhaling. When your opponent has tripped or fallen, use your shin bone across their throat. It's like hitting on their chest but using your shin to strangle them.
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    You have won, but you need to breathe as they do. Now, you can now cut off the right side. Do it sideways so you can hunch over to avoid being removed from legs trying to hook you off. There you have it. Aim for the side of the rib cage and the middle part of the body, it really hurts!
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    Sacrifice. You know you can't take a stomach shot or a nose shot. Don't be afraid to get hit in other parts of the body to substitute the vital areas. If the enemy throws, kick to the stomach, turn around to take them to the back, or the side of the abyss if you truly can't evade the kicks.
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    A fight is like water, its flow can be controlled if you know what you're doing. Every time you move out of the opponent's strike zone, move right back in and strike once the immediate danger has passed, much like a wave as it crashes into the bank.

Fighting Against More Than One Person

  1. When fighting against more than one person, your main goal is to disable as many as possible and run.
  2. Knee: It takes only 12-16 pounds of pressure to break a knee, this injury would surely disable an opponent.
  3. Collarbone: The clavicle (collarbone) only takes 7 pounds of pressure to break. Breaking a person's collar bone will make it impossible for them to continue fighting, as it is extremely painful and they will not be able to use the arm on the side of the break.
  4. Foot: Stomping forcefully on the top of someone's foot will break it, making it hard for them to stand, let alone to attack you.
  5. Eyes: As cheap as it may sound, the effectiveness of striking the eyes cannot be denied; of course, one should not resort to that except in the worst circumstances.
  6. Do not be proud; take any and all cheap shots available. You will not win this fight in the classical sense of the word. Winning this fight would be making it out without any many major injuries. If you survive, then consider yourself victorious.
  7. Run whenever the opportunity arises.
  8. Do not grab your aggressors because this will expose one of your side to other attackers.
  9. Make sure you know your surroundings. Control their rate of fear. Control the heart. Breath in and out through your nose. Realistically, if you feel as if your life is in danger, attack before they do at all costs! If they won't back down with words and comes forward. He won't back down with fists!

Fighting against one person

  1. Focus on that one person, and try to get them on the floor so the fight can end as soon as possible.
  2. Cuff your opponent at the bottom of the neck. This can, but won't always knock him out. You can also hit him directly below the ear, maybe even catching the bottom part of it; it's excruciatingly painful.
  3. Keep your balance and don't lose focus. Once you're down, you're done. Keep your feet a good distance apart, but not too far apart or close together.
  4. Keep your cool. A strong mind is stronger than the most powerful physical assault. Don't freak out.
  5. Always assume your enemy is stronger than yourself.
  6. If you fear defeat go for as many damaging/cheap shots as possible.
  7. If you are a good runner, run as fast as you can AWAY from the fight.


  • Never let them get the first hit; it is more of a chance of you getting beat. Do what you can take them down. You don't have to use your fist; you can use your legs, head, or any part of your body.
  • Avoid at all costs attempting to engage more than one person at a time. Even with substantial martial arts training, it is extremely difficult to fend off more than one person.
  • Confidence is key. Even if you are facing more than you can handle, know that you are more than a conqueror.
  • Get out of the "strike zone" of an opponent. Generally the strike zone of a typical person is from their elbows to their hands (if their arms are stretched out). This zone is where you are most likely to be hit by a punch or some other method of striking. Instead of backing up to get out of the strike zone, move in past his elbows and get into the "clinch" position this will allow for an effective take down of your opponent.
  • Learn Parkour. It is the art of getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. The training it takes to do it safely is more than enough to keep your endurance up in a fight, plus it gives you the option of getting away from them right as soon as there is an opening.
  • The most effective hits are shin kicks, ear punches, face punches, and abdominal punches, not necessarily in that order.
  • If you can't outrun your attacker, try to keep something between you and the attacker, like a car or a telephone pole. Stay on your feet if you can and keep ducking and dodging behind things. As the first point said, learning Parkour will make this much easier.
  • If things are going well for you, remember to run away. Don't stay to finish a fight you shouldn't have been in to begin with.
  • Use digit manipulation. If you can when you have them stunned, or are skilled enough, break some fingers, and tear ligaments, also, step on their foot hard and keep on, the second you do push them hard and keep your weight on them the whole time. Once they fall down, that will have broken and torn many things in their ankle, thus leaving you a way to run.
  • Try to talk your way out of the situation, or run, or yell for help. Use your brain; it is your best tool, especially against a physically superior attacker.


  • If you can avoid a fight, do so at all costs! Do not go around looking for a fight.
  • If you do start a fight and you can't back down (let's say it's 3 vs. 1), use your head and anything around you to make them back down!!
  • If you grab them by the head, they will immediately drop. Kick them, then dip.

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