How to Win a Campaign

Elections, even small local ones, can be stressful, costly and time consuming. Therefore, if you enter one, you need to be prepared to take all measures to make it worth your while. Learning how to win a campaign will lead to great success in the end.


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    Create a cause for your efforts. You must give the voters something to vote for other than your name.
    • Decide what you will stand for and create a slogan to match the belief.
    • Have the slogan printed on items you pass out to voters. Examples include: "honest, dependable service," " a name you can count on," "working for the people," "fighting for the future" and "creating more jobs".
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    Get into the public eye early. While it may be too early to begin discussing the vote, you do want your face to be seen by the people.
    • You should begin attending community functions as soon as you decide you will run for public office. Listen for events that will attract large numbers of people such as sporting events and benefits.
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    Never dismiss small communities or organizations. Many unsuccessful politicians only focus on large populated areas, because they hope to gain many votes at one time.
    • Smaller communities and groups often have close ties and strong beliefs. Once you have them on your side, they will stick with you and put a good word out to the public for you.
    • Ask volunteer fire departments, community clubs and other small organizations if you can have a few minutes to speak at their meetings. Most of these organizations like the attention given to their clubs and will allow you to speak.
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    Put money into your campaign. Running for a public office is expensive. You must be willing to invest in your race. Don't forget that you can deduct the expense from your income taxes.
    • Purchase appealing, heavy duty signs that will withstand weather and passing traffic. Make sure the signs can be easily read from a distance.
    • Make donations to clubs and organizations during their fundraisers. Especially do this if your name will be printed or read to give recognition to your donation.
    • Buy small campaign favors that can be handed out to voters. Pens, fans, cards, magnets and emery boards are all common examples.
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    Use the media to campaign. Make the ads personal and relate to the people.
    • Create radio station advertisements. These work best if you read the ad yourself rather than having an announcer do it.
    • Place ads in the newspapers. Be certain to add a picture of you and/or your family.
    • Use the power of the Internet. Create a Facebook page and use other forms of online advertising.
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    Consider mailings and phone calls to ask for votes. These are best carried out 1-2 weeks before the election.
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    Visit voters door to door. Once again, visit close to election time so your name is fresh in their minds when they go to vote.
    • Focus on the voters who are undecided. Those that have already made their decisions will likely not change their minds. You must convince the voters that have not committed that you are the right choice
    • Have door hangers printed and leave them on doors of voters who are not at home.


  • Do not get wrapped up in a negative battle with your opponent. Negative campaigns are often a turn-off to voters. Only state facts you can back up with proof.
  • Don't over campaign. Keep mailings and phone calls to a minimum. Only use them in the final weeks before the election. Be careful not to ask the same people for a vote numerous times. People can become annoyed and turn against you.

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  • Campaign advertisements: signs, items to pass-out, media ads

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