How to Win a Beauty Pageant

Have you ever wanted to be Miss America? Well, here's your chance! Now you can learn how to beat the competition and get in touch with your inner beauty queen.


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    Enter the pageant. Find a pageant that you could qualify for and apply. There are many different pageants open to many different contestants. For example, if you're uncomfortable working with boys, enter a female-only one.
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    Remove unwanted body hair by waxing. Do this several days before the pageant--close enough to the pageant date that the hair doesn't start growing back, but not so close that your skin is still visibly irritated or red from the waxing. Wax the bikini lines, armpits, legs and mustache (if you have one). It'll hurt, but just think of that trophy.
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    Whip your body into shape by eating healthy and exercising. This will give your body that toned look to get you extra marks.
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    Get a pageant coach to teach you skills and ways to walk, act, and look throughout a pageant. Coaches sometimes advertise in relevant newspapers or magazines, or you can Google them. Occasionally, ex pageant contestants will be happy to take you under their wing, maybe for a small cost, maybe just so they can tell someone their tips and tricks.
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    Choose an appropriate skill to practice and demonstrate and to highlight your talent. Examples are playing piano or violin, jazz, tap, or ballet dancing, baton twirling to a song, and singing. Freestyle rap is an example of something that would probably NOT go so well with the judges. In all honesty, despite their claims that they like individuality, they really want a perfected teenager to hand a trophy to.
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    Prepare an Emergency Pageant Kit which should include essentials such as:
    • A dress for each round
    • Curling/straightening iron
    • Extra emergency jewelry (preferably both gold and silver)that will go with anything, including emergency dress
    • false eyelashes
    • fake nails and nail glue
    • A natural wig
    • Rubber head cover to keep it in and foam head for wig when not in use
    • Flipper for missing or chipped teeth
    • Fabric glue gun and glue sticks
    • Hair straightener
    • Hairspray
    • Hot rollers
    • A good collection of quality makeup
    • Sewing kit
    • Shoe covers
    • Skin shimmer/body glitter
    • Wipes
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    Most of the items listed above are optional, but often are well used.
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    Choose your attire carefully:
    • For the swimming suit, choose a solid color, or black. One piece or two piece are both acceptable. Wear at the most four inch heels, and let them match your swimsuit.
    • For the evening gown, wear something that will reflect your personality, and fits you very well. You can find sites all over the internet that show what colour you should pick.
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    For the interview, wear a neutral skirt suit or a sheath dress in a color that goes well with your skin tone, wear matching heels of taupe leather heels.
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    Be on your best, most ladylike behavior all the time the pageant. Stand up straight at all times and smile. Do not swear, do drugs, smoke, etc. Present yourself with class and manners. If someone annoys you (honey, it's a beauty pageant, it's going to happen), turn the other cheek. There's plenty of time to bicker afterwards.
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    Ace the interview! Stay calm and relaxed, yet enthusiastic and upbeat. Pretend you're talking to family or friends, but at the same time, be especially polite and appropriate. Don't be nervous. Stand up tall and show your confidence!


  • Practice practice practice
  • Be polite, smile, look pretty, and have all the personality but don't act fake.
  • Be prepared to represent the sponsors if you win. Pageants are not strictly about beauty; they select a spokesperson. Never, EVER say anything bad about a sponsor. They sponsor you to sing their praises. Live up to their expectation and they may sponsor you again.
  • If you do win, act surprised and be very mature about it. No one likes someone who brags or is being snobby.
  • Be kind.
  • At an interview, only shake the judges hand if they extend it first, and say good morning, good evening, good afternoon, whatever fits the time of day.
  • If you are having a Q&A portion in your pageant, then you must be aware about the happenings around you so that you'll know the appropriate answer you must give. And do not be biased even if your opinion is asked. Try to play safe but not that much.
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise.
  • Make sure you aren't panicking or looking like you'll throw up. Presentation is important. If you don't feel it, fake it.
  • Be what you are. Do not pose fake opinions in order to impress the judges and public since further questioning can expose the truth and put you in a bad position.
  • Do age-appropriate makeup and dress modest. You want to look great while not showing too much.
  • If money is included as a prize, try donating some of it to charity. This shows people that you are very caring.
  • If you are required to perform a talent, do something you feel comfortable with, instead of doing something that will get the judges attention. Being yourself is eye-catching enough.
  • If you win and are required to wear a crown, make sure it is securely on and will not fall off. If it is a little loose, don't toss your head too much.
  • When you are on the stage, make eye contact with each of the judges at all times unless you are turning around.
  • Beauty is from the inside and out! Show kindness to all the contestants!
  • Wear all clothes that are in fashion!
  • Make sure you have makeup on at all times.
  • You may be able to use your title to raise money or awareness for a cause. Mention them in your winning speech.
  • No matter what, have confidence.
  • Create a healthy tan by sunbathing carefully. Or get an air-brushed spray tan.


  • Don't chew gum on stage or during the interview!
  • Make sure you a comfortable with anything you do especially the talent portion
  • Avoid looking tired.
  • You will have to spend money on several things for the pageant such as makeup, dresses, hair, skin, coaches, etc.
  • Use bronzer to avoid looking pale...Remember, less is best.

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