wikiHow:User Image Policy

Your profile picture will help people on wikiHow recognize you more easily. You can use a picture of anything you want, as long as it follows these guidelines.


  • If you do use a picture of a person, make sure that the person is you. We don't want you impersonating someone else.
  • No nudity, obscenity, violence, or expressions of hate. Keep it clean!
  • The image doesn't have to be Creative Commons licensed, but you must be the copyright holder, or have explicit permission to use it.
  • No animated images.
  • Pick out an image that can be cropped to a square. You can crop it yourself, or do it after you upload the image. The size doesn't matter, since it'll be pretty small (e.g. 80 pixels) and no one will be able to click on it to see the bigger version.

Avatar Removals

If the avatar violates any of the guidelines, the avatar will be removed by an administrator.

This is an Official Policy that has been approved by the wikiHow community.
All contributors and administrators are expected to adhere to it.

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