wikiHow:Seasonal Quality Camp

This page is for Seasonal Quality Camp. The goal is for users of all ages to participate in this seasonal camp that will raise the quality of wikiHow. Held on Spring Break, Summer Break, Fall Break and Winter Break, users will be able to gain points by doing activities around wikiHow to get the Seasonal Quality Champ award.

In order to get the Seasonal Quality Champ award, earn 100 points (you can earn 145 in total; plus bonus points). To see how many points you have gotten, click here.

To sign up, add your name under "Participants" on this page and a judge will contact you so you can get started.

To gain extra credit: The person reviewing your quest might give you extra points if you go above and beyond the call of duty by doing additional things to improve the quality of the page.

Note: Any Admin or New Article Booster can review quests and give points.


Stub Quest: 15 points

Expand five stubs and make them better articles. You can find the stubs here.

Categorizing Quest: 10 points

Categorize 20 articles according to this article.

Video Quest: 40 points

Upload 10 videos according to the Video Curation Guidelines.

Spellchecker Quest: 30 points

Use the spellchecker tool to fix spelling on 30 articles. Here are some guidelines:

  • Do not "correct" words by hyphenating (unless used universally) them
  • Don't change British spelling
  • Don't change brand names
  • Don't change words that are actually correct
  • Don't change HTML tags unless they are broken

Related wikiHows Quest: 20 points

Add related wikiHows to 20 dead-end pages using the related wikiHows tool on the bottom of any wikiHow article page. You can see how to add related wikiHows here. Dead-end pages are here.

Writing Quest: 30 points (optional)

Write 2 articles. The article should abide by all our policies. Read Writer's Guide for more information. The article doesn't have to be long and highly-informative; anything with good, clear and understandable steps will be considered a good article. Distribution of points will be based on:

  • Clarity of steps (also; how precise are they)
  • Easy to understand
  • Includes relevant images and/or videos
  • Categorization, relateds, weaving links, etc.
  • Extra points if it gets a Rising Star status and/or Featured Article status.

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