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Do you want to help a wikiHow version although you hardly understand a word of the foreign language? No problem, since you already know wikiHow's structure.

Edit1. Communicate

  1. Welcome new users. On most non-english wikiHow versions you just have to apply {{welcome}} to welcome a new community member. The user gets a warm welcome in their native language.
  2. Return regularly. In most cases you don't get a reply to a welcome template. If you get a reply that's good news:
  3. Let the other active users know that there's a community out there. In most wikiHow versions there is no "community feeling", since there's not more than one active editor. The best way to keep those pioneers motivated is to talk to them:
    • Offer your help.
    • Praise editors for their contributions.

Edit2. Revert Vandalism

  1. Open the special page "recent changes".
  2. Replace the "www" part of the URL with the language code of the wikiHow version you want to check and hit enter.
    URL of the special page "recent changes"

    If you hit enter you will get to the French recent changes special page
    • Language codes: ar (Arabic) - ca (Catalan) - de (German) - es (Spanish) - fr (French) - he (Hebrew) - it (Italian) - nl (Dutch) - pl (Polish) - pt (Portuguese)
  3. Check if you can find vandalism. When you see a suspicious change, click on "diff" to check the edit.
    • In this example the entry marked with 1. is suspicious since there has been a huge change in the article by an annonymous user that had left nonsense text in the edit summary.
    • In the second (2.) example a well known user has used the undo function. This edit is likely done in good faith - although the deletion of content may seem suspicious.
  4. Use the rollback function to revert obvious vandalism. If you find vandalism, click on the button where "rollback" would have been in the English wikiHow. In fact all buttons are on the same place as they used to be on your wikiHow version.
    • If you are not sure, send a message to an admin.
    • Furthermore you can go through each change by using the "Skip" button.

Edit3. Miscellaneous

=> Report your observations to an active contributor.

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