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Each Wiki is based on its community. Building a community is the essential part - without a community a Wiki is dead. So let's gather ideas what we can do to build a community.

EditGood content

  1. Write some good articles. High quality content attracts many readers. A good way to get popular articles is to translate the popular articles of the English wikiHow.


  • Tell your friends about cool wikiHow articles.
  • Reply to blog posts about wikiHow. Invite others to join your wikiHow community.
  • Post links to high quality wikiHow articles. You should not spam. The article should match to the context.
  • Bookmark high quality articles.
  • Publish wikiHow articles in your own blog.
  • Create a recruiting page.
  • Translate the Wikipedia article about wikiHow.

EditHelp the newbies

  1. Send new users a personal welcome message. Offer your help and send links to good articles. For example the special page "popular pages" or the featured articles category.
  2. Answer the questions of the other users.
  3. Don't forget to be always polite and friendly. Your wikiHow depends on its users.

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