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This is the platform for the foreign versions of wikiHow, which are no longer just language projects, but are still under development. The goal of this platform is to offer help to these versions of wikiHow and to enable an effective exchange of experience between them. It should guide the way to build a self-supporting version of wikiHow.


  1. Please add links to new useful sites or forum threads. You can post here your latest insights and how the other wikiHows can benefit from it.
  2. There is now a interwiki on PT for this platform. We cannot assume the users on other versions can read English, and it will be more useful if they can read it in their native language.
    • Please echo all changes to the platform on the PT version (and the others that will surely appear) so they can stay synchronized. It doesn't matter if you post it in English, it will get translated soon enough.

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