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By Gaurang Prasad

Hello! It gives me great joy to talk to you about the happenings at Hindi wikiHow. Hindi wikiHow was announced 9 weeks ago (i.e.: in the first week of December 2012) by Chris Hadley, a wikiHow staff member. The project of setting up wikiHow in Hindi language started in April 2012! Since then, the Hindi wikiHow has come a long way. With close to 70 articles, as of today, the Hindi wikiHow is still small as compared to the Spanish, French and Italian wikiHows. However, thanks to dedicated contributions by knowledgeable users, it is developing at a high rate. We are currently focused on creating a community of Hindi speakers who can lend a helping hand in this development process. We hope, that, by the end of this year, we can boast of much more articles and a bigger community.

If you have suggestions or complaints, or would simply like to talk to us about Hindi wikiHow, drop me a message or email me. With one additional language, we are now a step closer to our mission. If you can help us develop wikiHow in other languages, have a look at the Language Projects page.

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