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Do you enjoy finding great articles worthy of featured status? If so, we welcome you to join the FAC (Featured Article Candidates) Project, a coordinated group effort to select some of wikiHow's best how-tos and nominate them for Featured Article status. Check out the information below for more details!


Our mission is simple: we are a team of editors who look for articles to select as Featured Article Candidates, go through the current list and vote on articles already tagged as FACs, and help remove FAC tags after they have reached their 3-month expiration date.

Not sure how to tag an article as a Featured Article Candidate? Just place {{fac}} on the article's Discussion page!

When removing old FAC tags, please remember to add {{Oldfac}} to the discussion page as a comment.


Our main goal is to ensure that the articles we tag as FACs are selected to be Featured Articles within three months of the tag's placement.


  • Let others know about the group by adding {{User FAC}} to your User page:

FA candidate nes_558.png
This author joined the wikiHow FAC Project and invites you to join, too!

  • You can also invite other editors to join the group by leaving {{FAC Invite}} on their Talk page:
FA candidate nes_558.png
Hello FAC Project,

You're invited to join the FAC Project!

wikiHow features dozens of excellent, high-quality articles that have yet to be featured. If helping them gain attention interests you, feel free to join our project!

Please join us!

EditNominated Articles


  • Progressive (Talk) - Project Manager
  • Andrew (Talk)
  • Spyagent (Talk)
  • Luv_sarah (Talk)
  • Wingrider (Talk)
  • Elocina (Talk)
  • The Guy Who Hates Hating on the Internet (Talk)
  • Whattheshi (Talk)
  • Lax61200 (Talk)
  • Anugal
  • Carterchas (Talk)
  • Madiline Anderson (Talk)
  • Lizey4god
  • Connor (Talk)
  • Adelaide (Talk)
  • Mrappbrain (Talk)
  • Imaginationoriented (Talk)
  • Hinni (Talk)

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