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EditAbout the Team

Hi, and welcome! This is the page for the Community Project. This team is dedicated to bringing the wikiHow community together, as a family. Anyone can join, as long as they are serious about friendship and connections!

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EditWhat You Can Do

We're here to help wikiHow by bringing the whole community together. Some things that you can do are very simple. Consider:

  • Welcoming New Users
  • Answering Requests
  • Defusing Arguments
  • Helping Users With Problems They May Have
  • Helping Former Vandals Learn wikiHow Policies and Rules
  • Posting Notices on the Administrator Notice Board

Friend List


You can get started by adding your name to the list below, then working on one of these tasks. Once you join the Community Team, you'll be counted on to work hard and love wikiHow.


  • Andrew- Founder
  • Matt11239- Group Supervisor
  • Butterfly Princess (Maria)
  • Cece- Designer (although currently inactive)
  • Spyagent
  • Grahamster
  • Theworldishome
  • Joz
  • Two'scompany
  • Kendyl123
  • JKL1234
  • wikiRicardo
  • chirami
  • Thunderbird10101
  • Mr.Bean
  • SilverSparkz
  • Domino18
  • 80_Calo
  • Davendrash
  • Julia Clayton
  • BlueRox8566
  • Nate848
  • Love2
  • June
  • Adelaide
  • MushyKetchup
  • Heart121
  • Batreeqah
  • KK Girl 300
  • Hannah Banana xox
  • LoveofWriting15
  • Catmad1148
  • lamb777aj
  • GamerKing132
  • Hailey Girges
  • Angharad_x
  • OoT2D
  • Rishabh kalra


  • FreshGymnastics
  • Duds244
  • Adriaan van Zyl
  • User:Blackcats-Awesome
  • MissUnicornLover
  • Crystal2
  • Creater cofee
  • Mercedesbell
  • Hal Marie
  • IsabelleRocks
  • User:RidingOnFire
  • User:CoolAriannaGrande
  • User:Flower13.com
  • User:Udit007

Feel free to invite other members to join this team, as well as joining yourself. Just put your name with a message by it down below. Thank you to all members for helping the community. Now let's all work together to help strengthen its weak spots!

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Thanks for encouraging community spirit!
Thank you to all our members for helping to bring the wikiHow Community together.

Notices and Info

  • If you have a question, please post it on our founder's talk page, or on the discussion page!

Notices and Info for Members

  • If you find an article that fits any of the descriptions we have above, please use wikiCode to put it on the suggestions above.
  • If you can think of other things that will bring the community together, feel free to place them on the suggestions list above.



Put {{User Cp}} on your user page to create:

This author is a member of the Community Project.

Put {{User Community}} on your user page to create:

This author makes wikiHow a better community by being a part of the Community Project.

Put {{User Community Project}} on your user page to create:

This author helps to bring the entire wikiHow community together, by being a part of the Community Project.

EditInvitation and Thanks Award

Type {{CP Invite}} to invite another editor to join the Community Project.

Type {{CP Award}} to congratulate/thank a Community Project member for their excellent edits.

EditSpecial Thanks


Deserved Award

Special thanks to Cece for designing the page and templates, as well as helping with formatting issues on them.


Deserved Award

Special thanks to Dave Crosby for helping us with the name change.

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