EditHow to receive rewards


Our Awards Team is staffed by editors that help promote wikiLove and assist to create awards, contests and projects. Here are a few tangible ways to receive recognition:

  • Anyone may give out a barnstar! To maintain the integrity and value of the barnstar, make sure you award these to contributors who truly show exceptional high-quality work and effort! See the introduction to wikiHow awards.
  • There are plenty of other simple awards that can be given out to show love and appreciation! Let's show everyone a little wikiLove!
  • There are other Historical or Older awards that you can give everyone to show a greater appreciation to those amazing people you see on wikiHow.
  • When you join, you can always create new awards to get your meaning and gratitude across to the people you are giving them to.

EditCurrent Projects

  • As of right now until August 5th, we will be doing our Quick Edits Awards! We are always grateful to the editors who are amazing at doing quality patrolling and quick edits! If you see someone doing a great job at patrolling and quality edits, award them a Patrolling Award available here! Or below, are some examples of ones that can be used! (Make sure that 2 parentheses are used instead of 1)

{patrol} {highfive}

  • As always, we are accepting nominations for BARNSTAR AWARDS! Barnstar Awards are the top of the top in the award section. They go to people who are absolutely amazing and do tons of fantastic work! If you have a nomination, please copy this form here and mail it to 2514611@forums.wikihow.com so the Award team can look at your nomination!

EditCurrent Contests

We are currently holding a Awards Contest! The new Award Contest is to see who can create the Best Award for an amazing Category Checker, as that is our Current Project. If you create an award, please put it here to be judged! The Awards Team will be announcing the winner on September 5th, 2015. If you'd like more information, read here! Submit your entries for the Award Contest here!

EditCompleted Projects

  • In August 2015, we did our wikiGnome Award Project. This project was where the Award Team awarded the wikiGnomes of wikiHow. A wikiGnome is someone who does a lot quietly and behind the scenes for everyone else to enjoy.

If you want to award a wikiGnome, use this template {{AwardWikiGnome}}:

WikiGnome Award

Why you won Thank you!
The Awards Team current project is to find all the awesome wikiGnome's like you! We currently saw that you have been awesome at editing and patrolling! Thank you so much for all of the work that you have done for wikiHow behind the scenes! We truly couldn't do it without you. Also, why don't you join the Awards Team and help recognize other amazing editors!

  • In September 2015, we did our Category Checker Award Project. It was a success and a lot of awesome people got recognized!

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