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Welcome to wikiHow User of the Month (WUM)! This page is dedicated to the users who go above and beyond the average wikiHowian to help fulfill wikiHow's goal of establishing the world's largest collaborative how-to manual. Please read this entire page for instructions and rules.


The month February 2013 nomination period is now open. Please read the steps below to nominate.



  1. Edit this page and add the name of your nominee with a link to his/her User Page to the Nominees section, or send your nominee to June's talk page and June will add them on here.
  2. Add this template to your nominee's talk page.
  3. Promote your nominee to your wikiHow friends.


  • Nominate only when status says nominating.
  • Please don't spam the wikiHow talk pages - E-mail them or ask in the Forums.
  • You may not nominate yourself.
  • Anonymous users may not be nominated.
  • Nominees must have at least 300 contributions and at least 1 month on wikiHow.
  • Previous WUM winners cannot be nominated again until at least six months after they win.



  1. Decide who you want to vote for.
  2. Send your vote to our nomination system here.


  • Vote only when status says voting.
  • You have one vote through the talk page method, one vote through the email method, and one vote per email address through the online ballot method.
  • Vote only for nominees.
  • Send your vote here.
  • Nominees may vote, but they may not vote for themselves.
    • You may put a header on your User/talk page about this to get the word out without it being considered as spam.


  • Lutherus Shyrilser
  • Isorhythmic (Jeffrey)
    • I've nominated Isorhythmic (Jeffrey) for the wikiHow user of the month (Feb 2013). Isorhythmic has been an amazing contributor to wikiHow from the time he joined, about 4 months ago. His patrolling and quick-edits have kept the spam at bay and reduced vandalism at wikiHow. For his dedication to defend wikiHow from spammers and bad-faith editors, I believe he is the perfect user for this award. Gaurangprasad 07:17, 11 February 2013 (UTC)

EditPrevious WUM Winners

  • October 2012 - Bokehmon
  • September 2012 - Metsguy234 and June Days
  • August 2012 - Isabelle Zita
  • June 2011 - JKL1234
  • May 2011 - Cece

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