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EditArticles Written

  • How to Be a Wicked Musical Fan
  • How to Be Like Glinda Upland from the Musical Wicked
  • How to Dress Like You Attend Shiz University - needs major editing

EditArticle Ideas

  • How to be like Fiyero, How to be Like Nessarose, etc.
  • How to Make an Elphaba Costume - see request
  • How to Sing the Songs of Wicked
  • How to Obtain the Sheet Music of Wicked
  • How to Dress Like you are From the Emerald City
  • How to Dance Like Elphaba, How To Dance Like Glinda, etc.
  • How to Perfect Your Ozian Speech


  1. "No One Mourns the Wicked"
  2. "Dear Old Shiz"
  3. "The Wizard and I"
  4. "What is This Feeling"
  5. "Something Bad"
  6. "Dancing Through Life"
  7. "Popular"
  8. "I'm Not That Girl"
  9. "One Short Day"
  10. "The Wizard and I (Reprise)" (Not included on the Original Broadway Cast Recording)
  11. "A Sentimental Man"
  12. "Defying Gravity"
  13. "Thank Goodness"
  14. "The Wicked Witch of the East" (Not included on the Original Broadway Cast Recording)
  15. "Wonderful"
  16. "I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)"
  17. "As Long As Your Mine"
  18. "No Good Deed"
  19. "March of the Witch Hunters"
  20. "For Good"
  21. "Finale 'Wicked'"


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