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Weekly Improvement Project Templates

These templates are provided for the convenience of all participants in the Weekly Improvement Project. Feel free to use any template that you believe fits the situation best. If you have any more ideas for templates, please speak up at the main project page.

Member Userbox

The project also has its own User Info Box. Copy and paste {{User-WI}} to your User page. Show the world that you are proud to help the Weekly Improvement project!

This author is a member of the Weekly Improvement Team.

Spreading the Word

The Weekly Improvement is a big project, and it needs lots of people to help out. The WI does more than improve the quality of wikiHow's articles -- it gives newbies a chance to "practice", and more experienced users an area to share their knowledge. Here are a few templates to spread the word more easily:

Recognizing Contributors

This {{WIaward}} has been created to honor exceptional Weekly Improvement editors for their dedication to the project. It can be awarded to and by anyone, and is now on the list of "actual" wikiHow awards.

Marking Current and Former Weekly Improvement Project Targets

Please see this page for more explanation on these templates.

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