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Welcome to the Weekly Improvement category on pets. Each week, there will be a new article up for collaboration, or group editing. Just click the link below, and click "Edit this Page" in the top right corner. You may edit the article in any way that you wish, as long as your edits are made in good faith.

Are you new to wikiHow? If so, you've come to the right place! WikiHow may seem a bit confusing at first, but editing the WI article will give you a chance to "practice". Don't worry about making any mistakes - everything here is fixable, and the community is helpful and encouraging, should you have any questions.

Each WI category will have a leader (or leaders). The leader is not "in charge" of editing (they can not tell you what to do), but they are here to help and answer any questions that you may have. The leaders of the Pets category are Julia Maureen and Amy Bright. You can contact Julia here, and you can contact Amy here. They will be happy to answer questions and offer advice, in addition to making this article look its best.

A Message from the Leaders:

Thanks for taking the time to improve the articles in the Pets category. Remember that you do not need to add only content to the articles! You may not be familiar with an article's topic, but there are still a multitude of other ways that you can contribute. For example, you might...
  • Check for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or other grammar problems.
  • Format the article so that each step begins with an active verb (e.g. "Approach the horse" instead of "The first thing you need to do is approach the horse").
  • Remove any use of first person (e.g. "I suggest...", "My advice is to...") and reword it appropriately.
  • Add a suitable picture or find one in the FREE IMAGES
  • Post to the discussion page any other ways that you feel could improve the article.

Don't hesitate to contact Julia, or Amy, should you have any questions. Thanks a bunch. :)

This week, the Weekly Improvement article is...

Keep Pets off of the Furniture

Start date: October 21

End date: to be advised (The Weekly Improvement Project is slowing down. For this reason, the article in qustion will be edited infrequently by Leaders, and if anyone wishes to edit, please, go ahead and do so.)

On Your Mark... Get Set... Edit!

Completed Articles

  • Transport a Horse
    • Articles was edited: September 3 - September 27 (extra time scheduled, not a lot of input as it needed information on various types of transportation).
      • Notes: Article took a while to get up to scratch. Not ready for FAC yet. Good job, this article was a doozy.
      • Before EditingAfter Editing
  • Name a Pet
    • Article was edited: April 15 - May 5 2007
      • Notes: Had to stay up a few extra weeks because of formatting issues. OLPC candidate, but not ready for FA

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