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Weekly Improvement Project Leadership

May I be a Category Leader?

There are many leader positions open; feel free to sign up for a category. New leaders should have at least at least 200 article edits and should have started at least one non-stub article on wikiHow. This will help you get enough experience to help you with your role as a leader. Also, new leaders should sign up for one category only.

Otherwise, the requirements for being a leader aren't that strict; the project is looking for enthusiastic and experienced contributors who are willing to collaborate with other wikiHow authors. Look at the list of leader responsibilities below. If you meet all the requirements and you're willing to commit to the project, feel free to add your name to one of the categories.

What are the Category Leaders' Jobs?

If you are a leader of a category, you have many responsibilities. You are in charge of choosing articles for collaboration, and keeping an eye on the editing that goes on in your "nook". As mentioned above, you should make yourself available for questions.

To select an article, put the link on the page and type {{WI}} in the introduction box on the article. When you take an article off, add the {{PrevTarget}} tag to the discussion page.

When adding an article to the list or completed articles, you should type this:

*[[Article Name]]

**Article was edited: (Insert dates here)

***Notes: (A brief description of what changes the article has undergone, and a note if the article was nominated for FA, SA, or is a Laptop Candidate)

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