Vandalism is a violation of wikiHow policy. Careful attention should be given to determine whether edits are beneficial, detrimental yet made with good intention or just blatant vandalism.

Vandalism is defined as altering the content of an article to cause blatant disruption to compromise the integrity of wikiHow. Common examples include removal of content as well as the addition of obscenities, very crude humor, gibberish/nonsense or spam.

Good faith edits are defined as alterations made with good intention, even though they may be incorrect, misguided or incomprehensible. Common examples include adding a comment to an Article page, misspelling a word or using wikiMarkup tests.

EditRespond to Vandalism

Review how to Revert Vandalism in wikiHow. Some vandals can be stopped with a simple warning and go on to become productive contributors.

Report persistent vandals to the Administrator Notice Board to be blocked.

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