When you register with wikiHow, you will need to choose a Username. You also have the option to choose a real name and/or a nickname.

Choosing a Username and Realname

Think carefully when choosing your names. They may appear in blogs throughout the world. Many editors choose to remain somewhat anonymous; you do not need to use your legal name.

Your Username is what you use to log in. It's what shows in the URL of your profile, like this:

It also appears on your talk page and at the upper right of any page.

Your real name is used to credit your contributions and awards. It appears with every edit.

Your nickname is used for signatures.

Changing Your Username

Since your username is your main identifier on wikiHow, choose it carefully. Legitimate reasons to change your username include:

  • Your username violates policy and you want to have it changed so that it no longer violates policy.
  • You've been active on wikiHow for a long time (over a year) and you've "outgrown" your username. In this case you'll be asked to announce your username in the forums so people don't get confused.
  • Your username is your full name because you signed up with Facebook, and you'd prefer a username that is anonymous.
  • You are closing your wikiHow account.

If you want to change your username just because, you can always change your display name. If your request meets the criteria, fill out this request form and your username will be changed.

Inappropriate Names

If a name is inappropriate, add {{Username}} or {{Realname}} to an editor's Talk page, to request them to change their name. Editors that are noncompliant will need to have their usernames changed or their account may get blocked.

Violations consist of:

  • Names that imply a position of authority, such as "admin", "sysop", etc. Names with wikiHow in them are okay, as long as they don't convey an admin/sysop/bot/staff status incorrectly.
  • Names that closely resemble or are easily confused with current editors.
  • Names that are offensive, inflammatory, hate-based, harassing, or sexual in nature.
  • Names of living or recently deceased public figures, such as celebrities, politicians or other notorious individuals.
  • Extremely lengthy, nonsensical names.
  • Names that are made up predominantly of numbers and/or symbols, unless they are Facebook connect usernames, which look like FB00008398402; or Google Plus connect usernames which look like GP_00008398402.
  • Usernames that contain e-mail addresses (e.g.
  • Any other name that detracts or inhibits the ability to productively create a helpful how-to manual.

Examples of Violating Names

Names that violate policy:

  • wikiHowsysop
  • Jack_Herrick (the founder of wikiHow)
  • IHateAllOfYou
  • BarackObama
  • thisisareallylongnameewgfnoerwedewef
  • 3657##w36s!!!678687
  • peoplesrstupid
  • IWillKillAnyoneWhoAngersMe
  • hihihihithhhererererpeopleilikedollsareuncool^$S^Y%$S
  • hnfue5tb7ey78ayrw38ryynr98wynariywiua$$$$$$
  • Wikihowdestroyer
  • IHatetheWikiCommunity
  • Condom123
  • Immaf**kyoura**rightnow
  • Youranidiot
  • Retarded_A**holeiswhatyouare
  • Stupidwiki
  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  • whazzupdhrerisesjwriwwfbetj^350473240239`031♥♣HASHSJAJaafsuahddndbsnbmdhsia
  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba1234567890

No Malicious Sockpuppets


Malicious sockpuppets, or additional accounts used for malicious purposes, are not welcome. They may attempt to control discussions with multiple opinions and votes in a poll or forum. They circumvent policy of a blocked account or scrutiny. Any user found to be using separate accounts for malicious purposes will have all accounts blocked.

Benevolent sockpuppets, however, are completely acceptable. For example, you may want to have one account for publishing architecture articles and another account for creating articles about computer repair.

This is an Official Policy that has been approved by the wikiHow community.
All contributors and administrators are expected to adhere to it.

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