wikiHow University is a 6 week writing class, which is being offered tuition free to active wikiHow editors. Gotham Writer's Workshop, a popular writing school, in New York City will be instructing the class. You can sign up for this class at the bottom of this page.

Why is wikiHow offering a free writing class?

wikiHow has an educational mission. Our how-to manual has already taught millions of people how to do 193,228 different things. Yet, the main beneficiaries of the free education are wikiHow's volunteer editors. Volunteer editors improve their skills in writing, project management, and collaboration. wikiHow University is an attempt to offer formal education to supplement the informal education wikiHow editors already enjoy.

The fact that wikiHow shows advertisements to non-registered users allows us to pay tuition for all students.

About Gotham Writer's Workshop

wikiHow has hired Gotham Writer's Workshop to teach this course. From their campus in New York City, Gotham has helped thousands of adults improve their writing skills. While Gotham's 6 week classes usually cost $295 to $395, wikiHow will be covering all expenses of this class.

About the Class

While the writing class will focus on the instructional writing found on wikiHow, the lessons will benefit you in any type of writing. This class offers:

  • Hands on instruction in how to communicate in clear, concise, and compelling language
  • Feedback from your instructor and fellow students in a completely supportive and no-pressure environment
  • Strategies for employing style, structure, format, and tone for maximum impact in any writing medium
  • Cultivation of good writing habits
  • Confidence gained through practice and praise
  • Lessons in how to research and reference sources

The class will have an interactive format in which students will work in small groups to evaluate each others' work, share ideas and learn from each other. Because group involvement is an integral part of the course, all students are expected to be active participants in group discussions. As part of the discussion, the Gotham instructor will critique one or more students' work from each group. Throughout the course, students can expect to receive detailed written feedback on two or more writing assignments from the Gotham instructor.

Click here to download a PDF version of the syllabus.


The class will be taught by Karen Kingsley from Gotham Writer's Workshop, assisted by Chris Hadley from wikiHow. Karen brings years of expertise in coaching writers; Chris is a former UCLA lecturer and teaching award recipient.

Click here to read more detailed instructor bios.


100% of the tuition will be paid by wikiHow. This will cost attendees nothing except for personal travel expenses.


The online classroom is open 24 hours a day. Writers from any time zone and any country are welcome. The class lasts for 6 weeks and begins on 10/27/2008 and ends on on 12/15/2008. The class will have a one week break for the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. See the syllabus for a full schedule.

Students should expect to spend 2-4 hours each week on class activities.

Who Should Attend This University?

Anyone over the age of 18 who wishes to improve their writing skills. Beginners to experts would all benefit from the class.

More Information

Please feel free to ask any questions over at the forums.

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