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Many people enjoy theme parks, but few people ever think about sharing their experiences (good and bad) on a wiki. Yes, it's true; people love to know what's good and what's bad at theme parks. Although this project was the secret project for a long time of the initial creator when it went public, I'd like to branch out into other secret projects and can't devote as much time as it requires, and need some help, creating great articles.

EditThings to Think About

  • Focus at first on the major theme parks. Don't worry too much to focus on state and county fairs, unless their publicity spreads wildly across the nation or can be understood worldwide.
  • Try and follow our Formatting guidelines. Try to utilize your researching time to see if you can delve up a great action verb to describe the ride's action to begin each step.
  • It is possible for some articles to have step-by-step images by solely using those found legally on the site. However, don't guess to what the attraction may look like unless you've either been to the park, or have access to verifiable sources that can show you the exact ride's picture from an official site or whatnot. Sometimes, when you get down to getting pictures, it's commonly easier to search for the ride name type a comma and a space followed by the theme park brand. If it produces some results, great. Preview each picture, to see if they can match up. If no pictures are shown or the pictures don't represent the attraction accurately, back up and don't post whatever picture there is; continue on without the picture. Sometimes the posted filename can be enough to tell if the attraction is from the correct park or not.
    • Find most of this information on how one of these articles can be written in this article.
  • Think about quality over quantity, when creating articles about theme parks! Theme park-created articles can take time to develop. If you can't get the entire page up and running on the first day, rather place an {{inuse}} template on the top of the article and work on that article solely.
  • Once you have created a slew of these, you'll see that these article creations can get knocked out rather slowly (if done correctly) but at a valuable pace, and most will turn into potential Rising Star articles if they are written well enough at first. Take your time - you're reader will thank you!

EditExample Articles

Lots of great articles went out that included lots of sourced data about many theme parks (at least around the United States to begin with) including:

  1. (single theme parks for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks)
  2. Sea World Orlando and San Diego
    • Visit SeaWorld Orlando
    • Visit SeaWorld San Diego
  3. Universal Orlando and Hollywood resorts
    • Visit Universal Studios Orlando
    • Visit Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure
    • Visit the Universal Orlando Resort
    • Visit Universal Studios Hollywood
  4. Both of the United States' LEGOLAND projects
    • Visit Legoland Florida
    • Visit LEGOLAND California
  5. Both of the Busch Gardens parks
  6. Sesame Place
  7. ...and lots more not described here that might have been overlooked.

EditIdeas for Articles

  • Although this work doesn't stop there, there's still yet to be completed articles that need some help that are still yet unwritten. Although this list is incomplete, just a few of these include the Six Flags' theme parks (various locations), Hershey Park (PA), Knott's Berry Farm (CA), Cedar Point Amusement Park (OH) and many more - both nation and world -wide.
  • If you would like, you can even expand the Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks out to include an article about visiting Disney Springs (Walt Disney World) and Downtown Disney(Disneyland) complexes in their own separate articles (provided there is an official map to be had).

EditArticles that Have Come Out of this Project

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  • Byankno1 (initial creator, can coach and occasionally help edit if given some accurate theme park names with theme park information that is written in English)

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Please think about joining us and drop by the project page below to help us contribute to wikiHow's mission. Please join us!

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