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The wikiWanted Project

Our goal is to create articles from a list of Suggested Topics from around the globe. We aim to make the world a brighter and more knowledgeable place.

  • We require you to have some experience with wikiHow.
  • We provide articles and assistance on basic wikiHow tools.
  • For questions and to join, contact Amy Bright.
  • Add {{wikiWanted}} to an editor's Talk page to invite others!
  • Add {{Wikiwanted Award}} or {{Forest}} to an editor's Talk page.


Researchers find and organize reliable information for potential articles.

  • Add {{User-wikiwantedcontrib}} to your User page:

This author is a contributor to the
wiki-Wanted Project.


Contributors create and perfect readable and comprehensible articles. They find images to enhance the presentation and understanding of articles.

  • Add {{User-wikiwantedcontrib}} to your User page:

This author is a contributor to the
wiki-Wanted Project.


Leaders answer questions, copyedit and select new articles for collaboration. They add title, merge and deletion tags. To learn more, click here.

  • Add {{User-wikiwantedleader}} to your User page:

This author is a Leader of the
wiki-Wanted Project.

EditArts and Entertainment

  • Leader(s) - KnowItSome

EditCars and Other Vehicles

EditComputers and Electronics

  • Leader(s) - Choicefresh, Some4One
  • Researcher(s) - brien

EditEducation and Communication

  • Writerintraining

EditFamily Life

  • Leader(s) - Writerintraining

EditFinance and Business

EditFood and Entertaining

  • Leader(s) - D-rae


EditHobbies and Crafts

  • Leader(s) - Lois Wade, Mayor MicBridget

EditHolidays and Traditions

Leader(s) - Goodup

EditHome and Garden

  • Leader(s) - Maniac18

EditPersonal Care and Style

  • Leader(s) - Sophie Caley, ally


  • Leader(s) - Amy Bright

EditPhilosophy and Religion


  • Leader(s) - Maniac18

EditSports and Fitness

  • Leader(s) - Alyssa L, Ally:)


EditWork World


  • Leader(s) - Stacey H


  • Leader(s) - Amy Bright
  • Contributor(s) - DonyaClaudia


Statistics compare the number of Suggested Topics at the beginning and end of a given month. Contact Amy Bright for more information.


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