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EditWelcome to the Team Zelda page.

Welcome to Team Zelda! We're a project that seeks out and writes Zelda articles to edit and clean up! Please add your name to the list below if you want to be part of the team. We'll help you make friends with the Zelda Community and most of all, edit Zelda articles!! Hooray!

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EditUIB Template

Put this template on your Talk or User Page to let Wikihow know you're part of Team Zelda and you're proud!! Type: {{User Team Zelda}} to make:

This user is a member of Team Zelda, and hopes you will join too!

EditCategories that need to be created

Unfortunately, we don't have categories for every single Zelda game. To get a new category, we need to have five articles written about that game, and then the new category suggested in the Forums. Contact either Buildabearpro123 or OoT2D if you have a question about contributing to starting a new category.

EditCategories that need to be cleaned up


There are more than 50 requests in the requests app! Let's lower that number!

EditSpread the news!!!

Our goal is to have a ton of members working to do things they love; while at the same time helping Wikihow! So if you know someone on Wikihow that clearly loves Zelda, give them this template: {{Team Zelda invite}} to make: Hey! I invite you to join Team Zelda. Just go to the page, by writing the following or clicking this link: http://www.wikihow.com/wikiHow:Team-Zelda. Basic info: We are a group of Zelda fans editing, writing and patrolling things related and pertaining to the Legend of Zelda. I hope you join! Special thanks to Buildabearpro123 for creating this template.

EditLeaders and Founders

The current leaders are:

  • OoT2D (Talk)-Founder
  • Buildabearpro123 (Talk)-Vice Leader
  • Milotic (Talk)-General Manager


If you're a fan of Zelda, enter your name below!

  • OoT2D
  • Buildabearpro123
  • LinkTheHero
  • ZeldaFansForever
  • UnderSparkleAttack
  • GeekySonic
  • WarriorOfEden
  • Demon Lord Ghirahim
  • Hailey-Honorary member. Welcome to the Zelda community, Hailey!
  • Milotic
  • Queen of How
  • MicrosoftRhino
  • Noble Z-Hi! I'm actually OoT2D's other account, but I thought I would put my name here.
  • Cho Chang, Queen of Ravenclaw-I`m actually Milotic's other account.
  • Blackraven
  • LionMaker
  • Amy morales1 I love love love Zelda
  • Horse Lover
  • Jax Smith
  • User:Nisska Gowrie Zeruda wa boku no inochi desu! LOL bad japanese!
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If you see a member of Team Zelda that's doing an excellent job; dedicated and passionate, we have a special way of thanking them. Use this code: {{Team Zelda Award}} to thank them.

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