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Welcome to Team Pokemon!

Welcome to Team Pokemon! We're a project that seeks out Pokemon articles to edit and clean up! Please add your name to the list below if you want to be part of the team. We'll help you make friends with the Pokemon Community and most of all, edit Pokemon articles!

Special thanks to Isabelle Zita for designing the team page, Zeferjeckl for making the UIB, and OoT2D for making the invite!


This author is a member of Team Pokemon! They help the community by improving anything Pokemon related on wikiHow! We hope you will join, too!

To put this on your userpage, click on the edit tab on the top right of your userpage, and type in {{Team Pokemon}}.



Hi there, Team Pokemon! You're invited to join Team Pokémon! We help the community by improving anything Pokémon related. You'd be a great member. Just add your name to the list of members, add the UIB (found on the team page), and start editing. :)

To put this on an editor's talk page, go to the comment box and type {{Team Pokemon Invite}}.

EditPokemon Requests

There are more than 130 Pokemon article requests in the Answer Requests app. Please help write some articles!


Go ahead and add your name here if you want to join!

Poppy/Arianna - Pika♥

Nober12 - Loves rock and dragon types! :D

DaBestGamer - Grass types forever!

TechFlash1 - Water, Lightning, and Steel for the win!

Zeferjeckl - Fire and Ice, bro.


June Days - The Pokemon lover, plus the biggest fan....EVER!


Clarissa Jones

Aliana Block - I <3 Pokemon!

Tara Ferrell

PikachuEmma - :D Fire mainly (a little bit of flying, electric, ground, and water)

joshdo - japanese daramaka's rule! mine now is a darmanitan!

Livelifenails - (Just started Pokemon. A fire and a little poison)

James Sherman - All rounder. Absol for the rule!!!

Jenna - Cute Pokemon are faves and the Legendaries! Reshiram and Eevee <3

Souphead - Steel and poison types, hands down.

User:vanessa malacara -pokemon are the best

User:Charleezy37- Arcanine for the win!

HelperT2895 Is it me or does anyone else hate the gen5 and over pokemon?

GeekySonic - Still tryna catch 'em all...

User: OoT2D - Pokemon black forever!! *insert Freddy Mercury pose*

Milotic - Water and fairy

King Ikhtiar - Grass and Water type Pokemon!

LeafosLog - MUDKIPS.

Werewolf4554 - GIVE ME ZOROARK!

MissUnicornLover - I have an unusual addiction to the Blaziken EX 😎

Aiosis -Dragons galore!

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