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The Food Team

EditAbout Us

Founder: Crystal2
Admins: ____
Est: August 12 / 2015

Introduction: Hello, and welcome to the Food Team's main page. We strive to make helpful and clear wikiHow food articles for everyone. We also try our best to help wikiHow flourish and help people in our wonderful community.

Have questions? Please feel free to leave a comment on the discussion page or let me or one of the admins know.

EditHow to Join

Follow the steps below to see how.

1. Put your name down in the Members section with this code format: [[your__own__username]]
Replace "your__own__username" with your wikiHow name. Put it next to an *.
2. Let me or one of the admins know on one of our talk pages.

3. Put a UIB representing the team on your userpage (it will be created later) OR save this image and put it into a slot in your userpage:


4. If you're lucky, you might get an invite to be a team member. Of course, you have the choice to accept or decline it.


  • Crystal2 (founder)


Sometimes, the admins and I will be giving out awards for several reasons. Good luck!

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