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Talk pages are a central part of the userspace on wikiHow and are a crucial element of our site. Many users wish to decorate their talk pages in a manner similar to userpage decoration or "page designing". There have been some cases of users employing particularly clashing colors, which can be difficult or straining for many wikiHowians' eyes.

Voting for this policy ended on September 4th, 2012 and over 75% of users voted in favor of it.


1. In any community, online or otherwise, regular communication is vital to success. Talk pages are a key part of communication on wikiHow. For communication to happen easily and comfortably on wikiHow, it's important that all users' talk pages be readily accessible.

2. For this reason, the background and text colors on all talk pages may not be changed from the default, black text on a white background.

3. Talk pages, however, are still a key part of the userspace. For this reason; borders, pictures, links, and other creative features may be added to talk pages as long as the text of messages is not obscured in any way.

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