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== We are the Stub Featurers, a group founded way back in 2007 when wikiHow was new (July 22, 2007 more specifically) by a user who hasn't used wikiHow in years, and a group dedicated to expanding stub articles and going the extra mile to make them features. We are aware of the fact that there will constantly be stub articles to expand, as every day many people write stub articles. But we hope that there will be enough people expanding stub articles that we will be able to expand articles faster than they are created. Please join us in our quest to expand and feature stub articles!

EditHow to Join

Write your name in the "Applications" section. If you qualify to join, we will check your background, and if it is acceptable, we will notify you that you are an official member of the Stub Saviors. If you aren't accepted, wait a little longer, make some helpful edits, and your work will pay off, because then you could apply and you will be notified if you are an official member of the Stub Saviors.

EditHow to Start

Check the Articles in Need of Expansion section, expand some of the articles, then move them from that section to the articles in need of nosection. Once all of the articles in the Articles in Need of Expansion section are finished, put names of new stub articles in the section. Have fun!


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EditImportant People in the Stub Featurers

  • Heather - Founder of the Stub Saviors which is now called the Stub Featurers because of the fact that SOS (Save Our Stubs) exists. She hasn't used wikiHow in over three (3) years.
  • YoterMimeni - Current leader of the Stub Featurers. After finding the Stub Featurers, of which its existence was known by no one, and finding out that the founder hadn't been on wikiHow in over 3 years, he decided that he would lead the Stub Featurers, and fulfill the founder's goal.
  • Anyone who volunteers to help! - People who join and help us are just as important as the founder.


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Please put a link to your user page, and write a brief description about yourself and/or your connection to the Stub Saviors, how you found out about us, etc.

  • Fashionista5676 - Hasn't used wikiHow in over 3 years, and is also the founder.
  • YoterMimeni - Current leader. After realizing that the founder hasn't used wikiHow in over 3 years, back when wikiHow was young, he decided to become the leader of the Stub Saviors, and to do some serious reconstruction of the Stub Saviors home page.


EditArticles in Need of Expansion

  • List of Stubs
  • Snowmobile As a Quadriplegic
  • Use the Support Infrantry Sensor on Your Titan
  • Play Mortal Kombat Deception
  • Renew Your Car Dealer License in California
  • Spawn Camp on Xbox Live
  • Exaggerate Perfectly
  • Find a Local Plumber (USA)
  • Enjoy the Band "Boys Like Girls"
  • Fix a Wiregram Bending Wire
  • Spend a Day on Lake Bled
  • Make a Paper Love Machine
  • Make a Mutlicolored Bead Necklace
  • Beat a Gungame in Counter Strike
  • Pitch a 12 6 Curve with a Wiffle Ball
  • Determine if You Haven't Seen and Talked to Someone in a Long Time
  • Dance at Bluelight
  • Create a Green Video Invitation
  • Improve Your Yu Gi Oh! Skills
  • Love B 52's Music
  • Do a FS Boardslide
  • Enjoy a Stay in Addis Ababa
  • Cosplay As Aizwa Minto
  • Cosplay As Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
  • Appreciate Courtney Love
  • Train to Be a Cagefighter
  • Speak Like the Characters in Final Fantasy XII
  • Perfect a Round Off
  • Obtain a National Certificate Level 2 in Massage Therapy
  • Add File Extensions in Windows XP
  • Get Your Dog to Welcome Your Baby
  • Cosplay As Princess Sakura
  • Use Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer 7
  • Play Warhawk
  • Be Like Kai Hiwatari of Beyblade
  • Make a Funny Short Film Using an Inanimate Object
  • Appreciate Slayer
  • Find Yourself on a Map Easily
  • Register Your Software on a Wii
  • Dominate at "Tribal Trouble"
  • Trill On Your Guitar
  • Throw the Knurve Pitch
  • Enjoy Your Range Rover
  • Monofly on a Scooter
  • Make Characters Jump in Mario Party DS
  • Find Music off Commercial Breaks
  • Publish a Book Online Using Fictionpress
  • Make a Bunker With Just Sticks
  • Create a Sfz Sample Set
  • Tell the Difference Between Hemlocks and Pines
  • Use Flock
  • Make a Blanket
  • Sell Exotic Fish
  • Run Progdvb
  • Use Domain Names As Tags to Promote or Advertise Your Website
  • Become a Football/Soccer Player
  • Get a Banshee Into the Boss at the End of Halo 2
  • Modify a Nerf Nitefinder

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