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Spotlight Articles used to represent the finest of wikiHow and had a superior quality of collaboration. Due to the redesign of the site in 2009, Spotlight Articles were eliminated.

Contact Eric Wester for inquiries about Spotlight Articles.

EditWhat was a Spotlight Article?


EditSpotlight Article Requirements

There were four main requirements for an article to be in the spotlight:

  • Previous Featured Article - Three months or more must have passed since the article was last featured.
  • Quality - It must be well-written by at least three editors. It must be a useful how-to of superior quality.
  • Image - The article must display one high-quality image for the Main page.
  • Blurb - The content must be described in approximately 30 words. The introduction of an article is a good frame of reference.

EditNominate a Spotlight Article

Nominating an article for the Spotlight was just as simple as nominating an article for featured status. Simply place {{Sac}} just beneath {{featured}} at the top of an article's Discussion page.

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