Please make sure that all Saved Articles have the {{SOS}} removed from their discussion pages and the {{stub}} removed from the article. Thanks guys! :)

Welcome to the SOS: Project Page!

Our goal is to save abandoned stubs and short pages. Anyone can nominate a reasonable, non-duplicated, low-content article. After the SOS Team makes improvements, the Copyediting Team makes final touches. And, once again, another article is saved from deletion!



  • Add {{User SOS}} to your User page:

This author is on the SOS team and helps save stubs from NFD deletion.

This author is saving wikiHow's stubs through the SOS project, and encourages you to help!


Add {{SOSinvitation}} to an editor's Talk page to invite others to this project:

You're invited to the SOS Project!

We save abandoned stub articles that still have potential. Would you like to join our copyedit, content or nominating team? Consider being the leader of a team!

Feel free to contact me.


Add {{Sos Award}} to an editor's Talk page as an award:


Your work has been valuable to wikiHow!

Thanks for saving so many stub articles.

You're truly appreciated!

EditSOS Process

  1. Leaders approve articles in the Currently Nominated Articles list. They eliminate those that are not stubs and add {{merge}} or {{NFD}} tags to duplicates. Articles are then sent to the Content Team.
  2. The Content Team improves articles and sends them to the Copyedit Team for final touches.
  3. Once a team has completed their own improvement, they remove an article from their list and add it to the next team's list.
  4. Once an article is complete, the article is placed on the Saved Articles list and the SOS tag is removed from the article's Discussion page.

How to Nominate an Article for the SOS Team

  1. Add {{SOS}} to the top of an article's Discussion page.
  2. Add the article to the Currently Nominated Articles list below.


  • Leader: Blabla96 (Talk)
  • Assistant Leader: Ferinheight (Talk)
  • Content Team Leader: Trackstar24 (Talk)

EditArticle Nominators

We nominate articles that need improvement.

  1. Da Perfecto (Talk)
  2. Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  3. KnowItSome (Talk)
  4. Meta Knight (Talk)
  5. Andrew (talk)
  6. Livelifenails (Talk)
  7. allyandabi (Talk)
  8. Seagull (Talk)
  9. LoveTwilightGirl (Talk)
  10. CloverDew (Talk)
  11. Dark Master87
  12. XxKatyKISSKILLxX (Talk)
  13. Connor (Talk)

EditContent Team

We approve article content to make sure it is up to wikiHow standards.

  • Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  • Zackfettjedi (Talk)
  • Trackstar24(Talk)
  • Andrew (talk)
  • TuggingHeartstrings (Talk)
  • Nervous_Geek(Talk)
  • Peanut Baby(Talk)
  • Brien(Talk)
  • Patrick(Talk)
  • Pwhdavey (Talk)
  • Sternhe(Talk)
  • Pinkkitty(Talk)
  • Muhamad Danial(Talk)
  • allyandabi(Talk)
  • CloverDew (Talk)
  • Alex Short (Talk)
  • Lopoke (Talk)
  • Petrocksroc (Talk)

EditImprovers Team

We improve nominated articles.

  • Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  • TheBurn7 (Talk)
  • Allyandabi (Talk)
  • Andrew (talk)
  • Livelifenails (Talk)
  • Rainbows&Candy
  • LoveTwilightGirl (Talk)
  • Lucky7 (Talk)
  • Xtraalexa (Talk)
  • XxKatyKISSKILLxX(Talk)
  • Lulu370 (Talk)
  • Alex Short (Talk)
  • Kitty (Talk)
  • DonyaClaudia (Talk)
  • Grahamster (talk)
  • Amanda (Talk
  • Davendrash (talk)
  • Love2 (Talk)
  • Adelaide (Talk)
  • Buildabearpro123 (Contact Me Here)

EditCopyedit Team

We copyedit and make final touches along with image and video teams.

  • Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  • Jonathan E. (Talk)
  • Heather (Talk)
  • Andrew (talk)
  • Booky (Talk)
  • Choicefresh (Talk)
  • BooksRule (Talk)
  • Quique912 (Talk)
  • allyandabi (Talk)
  • Deardivebuddy.com (Talk)
  • LoveTwilightGirl (Talk)
  • Boidsie (Talk)
  • CloverDew (Talk)
  • CinnaCo (Talk)
  • GSN (Talk)
  • Alex Short (Talk)
  • YoterMimeni (talk)

Image Team

We're part of the Copyedit Team. We add images to articles.

  • Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  • Ali-J* (Talk)
  • TuggingHeartstrings(Talk)
  • Andrew (talk)
  • Hana (Talk)
  • Davendrash (talk)
  • Meta Knight(Talk)
  • Daniel(Talk)
  • Drew(Talk)
  • Ally:)(Talk)
  • LoveTwilightGirl (Talk)
  • CinnaCo (Talk)
  • Alex Short (Talk)

Video Team

We're also part of the Copyedit Team. We add videos to articles.

  • Cheeky Smosher (Contact Me Here)
  • Meta Knight (Talk)
  • Daniel (Talk)
  • Andrew (talk)

EditCurrently Nominated Articles

These articles are currently nominated for being a stub. Please feel free to improve them. Choose an article from the categories listed below and feel free to start working on them. Once you believe the article has enough information, please move the article to the Articles Ready for Copyediting section. Thanks!

Arts & Entertainment

  1. Make a Meta Knight Mask

Cars & Other Vehicles

  1. Repair a 1994 Honda Accord's Highbeam Light

Computers & Electronics

  1. Create a Cheat Engine or Hacking Program (see if we can somehow revive?)
  2. Prevent Injuries Playing Wii Fit

Education & Communication

  1. Win Scavhunt

Family Life

Finance, Business & Legal

  1. Persuade a Committee

Food & Entertaining

  1. Tell if Your BBQ Beef Ribs Are Cooked


  1. Care for an Obese Relative

Hobbies & Crafts

  1. Collect Iron in your Backyard
  2. Use Metal Stampings
  3. Make a Scissor Pad

Home & Garden

Holidays & Tradition

Personal Care & Style

Pets & Animals

  1. Sell Exotic Fish

Philosophy & Religion


Sports & Fitness

  1. Throw a Side Arm Curve



Work World

  1. Be an on Site Document Services Rep at a Law Firm



  1. Exaggerate Perfectly
  2. Create a Green Video Invitation
  3. Use the Support Infrantry Sensor on Your Titan
  4. Windsurf: Sailing Down Wind
  5. Snowmobile As a Quadriplegic
  6. Cosplay As Captain Olimar in Pikmin
  7. Play Mortal Kombat Deception
  8. Renew Your Car Dealer License in California
  9. Spawn Camp on Xbox Live
  10. Prevent Razor Rash with a Honey and Chocolate Lotion
  11. Find a Local Plumber (USA)
  12. Make Big Money With How to Videos
  13. Enjoy the Band Boyslikegirls
  14. Avoid Data Corruption in Soul Calibur 3
  15. Enjoy Megadeth
  16. Fix a Wiregram Bending Wire
  17. Spend a Day on Lake Bled
  18. Find a Rattlesnake
  19. Stop a Brown Noser
  20. Make a Paper Love Machine
  21. Make a Mutlicolored Bead Necklace
  22. Become a Football/Soccer Player
  23. Cheat on the Wii Fit Plus Meditation (Candle) Game
  24. See if Your Hamster Is Definitely Tame
  25. Beat a Gungame in Counter Strike
  26. Pick a Hypnotherapist
  27. Play Basic Drum Beats
  28. Get a Jam Partner
  29. Recycle Phone Books
  30. Pitch a 12 6 Curve with a Wiffle Ball
  31. Test Time Machine for Mac OS X
  32. Wander in a Hotel Without Checking In
  33. Become a Fan of Young Blunt
  34. Dance at Bluelight
  35. Play Yu Gi Oh (Advanced)
  36. Win in Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer
  37. Love B 52's Music
  38. Do a FS Boardslide
  39. Get Good Camera Footage
  40. Enjoy a Stay in Addis Ababa
  41. Cosplay As Topanga
  42. Cosplay As Aizwa Minto
  43. Cosplay As Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
  44. Appreciate Courtney Love
  45. Modify a Nerf Nitefinder
  46. Train to be a Cagefighter
  47. Speak Like the Characters in Final Fantasy XII
  48. Install Windows Live Onecare in Another Computer After Purchasing
  49. Perfect a Round Off
  50. Obtain a National Certificate Level 2 in Massage Therapy
  51. Report a Lost or Stolen Money Order
  52. Add File Extensions
  53. Burn Powerpoint Show to DVD Slideshow using Windows Movie Maker
  54. Get Permanent Marker Stain out of Hardwood Flooring
  55. Cosplay As Princess Sakura
  56. Use Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer 7
  57. Harmonize a Riff
  58. Get Your Dog to Welcome the Baby
  59. Take Good Airshow Photos
  60. Appreciate U2's Music
  61. Be Like Kai Hiwatari of Beyblade
  62. Make a Funny Short Film Using an Inanimate Object
  63. Appreciate Slayer
  64. Find Yourself on a Map Easily
  65. Drop Off
  66. Register Your Software on a Wii
  67. Back Up a Horse Trailer for Parking
  68. Take a Picture of Your Character on WLO
  69. Find Music off Commercial Breaks
  70. Create a Sfz Sample Set
  71. Tell the Difference Between Hemlocks and Pines
  72. Use Flock
  73. Make a Blanket
  74. Tour Anchorage, Alaska
  75. Run Progdvb
  76. Use Domain Names As Tags to Promote or Advertise Your Website
  77. Get a Banshee Into the Boss at the End of Halo 2
  78. Make Your Yahoo Login Work
  79. Do a Negitiva (Caporeia)
  80. Make a Volcan 300 from Zatch Bell
  81. Convince a Teen to Remain at School
  82. Party On a Sunday Night
  83. Block Print

EditArticles Ready for Copyediting

These articles are currently or going to be improved by the Copyediting Team.

  1. Make Law Review
  2. Make Your Hair Like Selena Gomez - copyedited, but still needs more editing.
  3. Keep Gel Pens from Running out of Ink
  4. Clean Your Dishwasher
  5. Clean Fabric
  6. Decorate a Gift Box
  7. Do a Somersault
  8. Cut Cake Slices for Individual Tastes
  9. Do the Lotus Position
  10. Look Cute Rollerskating
  11. Make Up a Jumping Song
  12. Invest in a Down Market
  13. Help Unhealthy People
  14. Ride Larger Waves
  15. Listen to Satellite Radio in Your Home Without a Home Kit
  16. Find a Job in Quantitative Finance
  17. Make a Drumset out of Household Items
  18. Become a Playwright
  19. Transfer Funds Internationally
  20. Join a Local Mountain Bike Race
  21. Win a Baseball Game
  22. Write a Business Plan for a Cyber Cafe in a Rural Area
  23. Visit Thailand
  24. Make Money in Australia if You're an Overseas Student
  25. Build a Simple Graphical User Interface in Matlab
  26. Play Field Hockey Like a Pro
  27. Buy Property in Turkey
  28. Make a Simple Skateboarding Video
  29. Glue Batik a T Shirt
  30. Visit Washington D.C. and Maryland
  31. Make a Clay Volcano That Really Blows Up
  32. Replace a Throttle Cable on a Vespa Et2
  33. Take Black and White Photos on a Kodak Easyshare C530
  34. Make Jeweled T Shirts
  35. Create Stick Men Videos on Paint and Movie Maker
  36. Perform a 1031 Construction Exchange
  37. Choose the Right Sword
  38. Make a Pocket in a Lacrosse Stick Head
  39. Get Rid of a Lisp
  40. Take off in a Cessna 172
  41. Search Public Records (USA)
  42. Recognize a Potentially Abusive Relationship
  43. Have Fun on wikiHow
  44. Be a Glitter Goddess
  45. Make Conversation With Teenage Friends
  46. Find the Definition of Slang Words
  47. Install iTunes on Windows Vista
  48. Know Which Contacts to Add on MSN Messenger
  49. Get Good at Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic
  50. Kill a Zombie on Resident Evil: Outbreak
  51. Think of Cute Names for Your Girlfriend
  52. Do Kite Dog Fighting
  53. Get Your Baby or Child Back
  54. Install Amplifiers
  55. Reduce Male Breast Size
  56. Explain Parts of Speech
  57. Persuade People to Vote for You
  58. Understand a Serial Killer
  59. Throw a Vulcan Change
  60. Write a Business Plan for a Cyber Cafe in a Rural Area
  61. Manual on a Bike
  62. Win a 25 Words or Less Competition
  63. Remove the FN P90/PS90 Factory/Ring Sight
  64. Be in S.I.S.S
  65. Play the Keyboard Drumset
  66. Operate an Ambulance Stretcher
  67. Do a Sarcastic Laugh
  68. Make a Bucket Mouse Trap
  69. Make a Good Toy Train Set
  70. Take Someone Down
  71. Run a Business in Sri Lanka
  72. Build Your Own PDA
  73. Do a Backflip off a Diving Board
  74. Look Wonderful While Being Plus Sized
  75. Look Gorgeous While Playing Tennis
  76. Pretend to Fly
  77. Slaughter Chickens
  78. Create a Drop Down Menu
  79. Study English in China
  80. Know if You Have a Learning Disability
  81. Relieve Stress by Drawing
  82. Do a Back Kickover
  83. Build a Paul Gilbert Pick Drill
  84. Treat Hepatitis A
  85. Forge a Knife
  86. Throw a Dive Down Pitch
  87. Perform a Cramp Roll in Tap
  88. Throw an Uppercut in Boxing
  89. Throw a Spike Curve
  90. Write a Letter to the Mayor of Your City
  91. Get Ready to See a Broadway Show
  92. Play Unique Music
  93. Throw a Dropball
  94. Find an Inexpensive Ventriloquist's Dummy
  95. Play House
  96. Deal With Gossip
  97. Make Money in Australia if You're an Overseas Student
  98. Be a Tropical Girl
  99. Answer the "What Do You Like About Me" Question (for Men)
  100. Be a Good Roblox Builder
  101. Burn a .Daa File to a Cd/Dvd with PowerISO
  102. Be a Successful Player in Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer
  103. Search RapidShare
  104. Create a Cool Purim Costume for a Teen Girl
  105. Show Thoughtfulness and Respect for a Parent
  106. Play Spongebob Edition Uno
  107. Face the Worst if It Comes to You
  108. Make Masto Orzechu Zimnego
  109. Adjust Your Guitar to Fit You
  110. Make a Range and Strength Pure on RuneScape
  111. Be a New York Rangers Fan
  112. Import a Car from Japan to USA
  113. Keep Your Kids from Misbehaving
  114. Fix the Problem with Kernel32
  115. Make Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies for a Business
  116. Get 100% on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Last Mission
  117. Make a Program in Applescript
  118. Play Your iPod on a Boombox
  119. Draw Random Pictures and Posters
  120. Score on Every Drive in Madden 08
  121. Get Your Parents to Call You by Your Nickname
  122. Eat Spaghetti
  123. Draw Flame Mario
  124. Make a Mouse Pad
  125. Know if You Like a Girl
  126. Run a Pokémon Request Shop
  127. Teach your Bird to Shake Hands
  128. Make a Football T Shirt
  129. Set up a Wireless Network in Linux Via the Command Line
  130. Fakie Crook on a Skateboard
  131. Do a Tre Flip
  132. Make an Air Purifier
  133. Download the Royale Noir (Secret) Theme on Windows XP
  134. Become a Band Director
  135. Be Like Chloe from the Bratz T.V Series
  136. Upload a File
  137. Make a Real Bird Sound With Your Mouth
  138. Find College Information Through Sparknotes
  139. Unmark an Email As Spam in Aol

EditSaved Articles

These articles have been saved by the SOS team. Thanks for helping out! :) Feel free to check them over just for the final touch.

  1. Appreciate Observational Comedy
  2. Be Successful for the School Talent Show
  3. Memorize Lyrics of a Song
  4. Make Use of Your iPod
  5. Draw a Coiled Snake
  6. Make Chocolate Pudding
  7. Get Through Shots
  8. Create a Good Experimental Film
  9. Create a Good Narrative Short Film
  10. Dance the Tango
  11. Land a Front Handspring
  12. Kill Household Bugs
  13. Deal with Cyber-bullying as a Child or Teen
  14. Convince Your Parents to Get a Wii
  15. Trick or Treat As a Teen
  16. Make a Cover for a Book

EditEnd Note

Can't get enough of cool projects? Try Behavior Saviors and others!

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