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Welcome to the Soccer Editors! This group is a group dedicated to writing and editing articles related to soccer! This is the project to join if you have a keen interest in soccer or want to edit soccer article in particular.

EditImportant People

  • Volunteers! People who join are the lifeblood of this the Soccer Editors. So join now! All you have to do is put your username in the "members" section.
  • Leaders. Leaders make sure that the Soccer Editors project is running smoothly. These are the people to go to with your questions and concerns.

EditTo join our group...

Write your username at the bottom of the page under the "Members" section.

Put this template on your User Page to show that you are a member of the Soccer Editors: {{User Soccer Editors}}

When you finish editing an article, put this template on the Discussion page: {{Se Edits}}

To invite someone to our group, put this on his/her talk page: {{Soccerhelp}}

EditWays You Can Help

Expand Stubs related to soccer.

Write articles related to soccer. But please, don't write stubs!

Save articles related to soccer from deletion.

Copyedit articles related to soccer.

Format articles related to soccer.

Categorize articles related to soccer.

Add images to articles related to soccer.

Add videos related to soccer.

Boost articles related to soccer.

Guard NFDs related to soccer.

Answer requests related to soccer.

Thank a user for helping us with our mission by using this template: {{SE Award}}

If you have more ideas, feel free to add them to the list!

EditArticles That Require Editing

Articles That Require Further Editing

  • Aim a Soccer Ball
  • Be a Better Football (Soccer) Manager
  • Be a Good Beginning Soccer Player
  • Be a Good Mid Fielder in Soccer
  • Be a Manchester United Fan
  • Be a Panathinaikos Fan
  • Be a Soccer Coach for Little Kids
  • Beat Someone in Soccer
  • Become a Better Forward in Soccer
  • Become a Better Soccer Player
  • Become a Soccer Referee (US Soccer Federation)
  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Buy a T Shirt of a Famous Football (Soccer) Club
  • Coach Chip Kick Passing Skills
  • Create a Starting Roster for Your Soccer Team
  • Do a Cool Down in Soccer
  • Do a Shooting Warm Up in Soccer
  • Do a Youth Soccer Warm Up
  • Do an Elastico (Soccer)
  • Dress to Play Soccer
  • Dribble and Create Space in Soccer
  • Fake an Injury While Playing Soccer
  • Feel Confident About Your Soccer Skills
  • Feel Confident and Pass a Defender in Soccer
  • Follow a Soccer Player
  • Follow Italian Series a Soccer
  • Follow Your Dreams in Soccer
  • Get a Better Touch in Soccer
  • Get a Soccer Coaching License
  • Get Around a Defender in Soccer
  • Get Assists in Soccer
  • Get Noticed in a Soccer Match
  • Get Professional Soccer Tryouts
  • Get Ready for High School Soccer
  • Head a Soccer Ball for a Pass
  • Hit a Freekick Like Steven Gerrard
  • Impress a Prestigous Soccer Coach
  • Improve Kicking Power
  • Improve Your Shooting Power and Accuracy in Soccer
  • Juggle Well in Soccer
  • Kick a Ball Like David Beckham
  • Make an Advanced Youth Soccer Team
  • Make Soccer Goals
  • Make Your Own Soccer Card
  • Narrow the Angle in Soccer
  • Pack for Soccer Practice (Girls)
  • Panna Your Opponent in Street Soccer
  • Perform as a Full Back in Soccer
  • Play Football (Soccer) with Improvised Equipment
  • Play Football Safely
  • Play Youth Soccer
  • Practise Your Weaker Foot for Soccer
  • Raise Your Soccer Game from Bench Warmer to Starter Status
  • Run a Soccer Tournament
  • Score a Penalty in Football Easily
  • Score a Penalty Kick in Soccer
  • Score Free Kicks
  • Score Free Kicks With Curve
  • Score on a Breakaway in Soccer
  • Score Penalty Kicks in Soccer
  • Set an Offsides Trap in Soccer
  • Shoot a Finesse in Soccer
  • Shoot a Freekick 15 to 30 Yds
  • Shoot a Sweet Soccer Goal
  • Start a Kickball League
  • Start a Soccer Game
  • Take a Goal Kick (Football)
  • Take a Perfect Shot in Soccer
  • Teach Soccer Positions
  • Teach Your Son Soccer
  • Trap a Soccer Ball
  • Trick the Goalkeeper in a Football Match
  • Warm up for a Soccer Match
  • Watch Live Football and Soccer at LiveScoreHunter.Com
  • Win a Football Match

EditArticles Edited

Once you've made a useful edit to a soccer-related article, add the article's name to the list, then add your name next to it :

Articles edited since project was restarted:

  • Do a Youth Soccer Warm Up - Duds244
  • Be a Good Mid Fielder in Soccer - Vishwa Vijay
  • Be a Panathinaikos Fan - Vishwa Vijay
  • Aim a Soccer Ball - Vishwa Vijay
  • Be a Soccer Coach for Little Kids - Vishwa Vijay
  • Beat Someone in Soccer - Vishwa Vijay and Duds244
  • How to Coach Chip Kick Passing Skills - Vishwa Vijay
  • Play Offense in Soccer - Duds244
  • Become an Advanced Soccer Player - Vishwa Vijay.
  • Create a Starting Roster for Your Soccer Team - Vishwa Vijay
  • Become a Soccer Referee (US Soccer Federation) - Vishwa Vijay
  • Play Street Soccer - Vishwa Vijay
  • Trick the Goalkeeper in a Football Match - Ruben Gabriel
  • Improve Kicking Power - Ruben Gabriel
  • Follow Your Dreams in Soccer - Duds244
  • Do Freestyle Soccer Tricks - Vishwa Vijay
  • Do an Elastico (Soccer) - Vishwa Vijay
  • Feel Confident About Your Soccer Skills - Vishwa Vijay
  • Choose a Soccer Position - Vishwa Vijay


  • Butterfly Princess (Maria)
  • Duds244
  • MissUnicornLover
  • Vishwa Vijay
  • PeridotOfMagic
  • Ruben Gabriel
  • Emma Statler I love soccer! ⚽️⚽️⚽️
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