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With the mess of articles that require screenshots on wikiHow to build the highest quality articles there can be, this project has been set up to help these editors build their articles into the best quality they can be so future readers will understand these articles better.

EditThings to Think About

  • A beginners list of articles that need screenshots can be found here. However, as time goes past, you may feel you may want to look further in. Many articles in the wikiHow Users Manual category don't have screenshots, and on occasion, you could find one sporadically across many subcategories down of the parent category Category:Computers and Electronics, so beware. As the top list dwindles, there will be more posted, so keep these category pages posted to your watchlist.
    • Note that wikiHow recently underwent a major redesign, so any remaining screenshots featuring the old wikiHow design look outdated. Please feel free to update these accordingly featuring the current design!
  • Create the screenshots on the same operating system as what the title calls for, unless it doesn't call for anything in which case, it's free game and you'll need to decide (more often, these can be done on a PC or Mac computer).
  • Be careful when creating iPhone-based screenshots; don't use an iPad in place of the device screenshots as iPad screenshots produce much bigger images than the screenshots on an iPhone will and iPads sometimes have completely different visualizations that look completely different across the operating system. iPods do use the same size and type of operating system, and thereby could be used for those known as iPhone articles.
  • There are other projects that are available, which can help create step-by-step images for articles requiring regular camera knowledge.
  • If you see an article has been mistagged with a {{screenshots}} template, change the template name to either {{pictures}} or {{illustrations}}; don't just remove the template all together.
  • If you have seen an article posted on the site that wasn't tagged with the template at all, and you don't have the right system or software to help take the screenshots, add the {{screenshots}} template to the article in hopes that someone else can help you out.
  • If you know someone has the type of device you'd need for the article and you feel they've overlooked it, let them know on their userpage. Users on a project don't tend to check project discussion pages very often for messages.
  • Don't just use Windows Paint to create dimple-arrows. These painted lines don't look professional. Use a markup screenshot software such as Skitch (below) to help you in marking it up with more professional-quality arrows and text.
  • Sometimes, some steps in articles require no screenshot at all. If the line talks about time or allotment, you don't have to add a screenshot for some electronic timer from a website. Omit that one, and move on to the next step.
  • Always think widescreen lengths for each screenshot you take.Give your reader the ability to see a wider range of where the item can be found and potentially try to include some arrows. Don't just show the icon/image provided in the step.
  • If the screenshot requires a username to be shown, you can remove the name with Skitch or Windows Paint, as long as you replace the empty space with the same color as the original color nearby it.
    • Make sure that website names will show up for most websites.
  • Remember that you can scroll around the page to get some images. Don't be skimpy but definitely be creative. Creativeness is key to good-looking articles.
  • If you know of another way the task can be performed in the article, go ahead and add the step when you attempt the addition of screenshots, or revise the article beforehand to include these missing steps. But remember to keep with the wikiHow format of starting articles with an action verb. Also see: How to Use Action Verbs.
  • Remember to take down/remove the {{screenshots}} template after you have finished uploading the screenshots.
  • Think about quality over quantity, when creating and uploading the screenshots! However, shoot for at least 2-3 articles a week if you are just a screenshot uploader and a firm 1-2 articles a week if you also help coach other editors.

EditProject Templates

Invitation Template

  • To invite users to join this project, use the {{SBSScreen}} template to produce:

Screenshot 2011 02 28 18 58.jpg

You're invited to join the Screenshot Uploaders Team!

We could use help with uploading screenshots to articles. Step by Step Screenshots are needed for articles to help better an article's readability and to understand the content better.

Please join us!

EditAwards Template

  • To award users on a beautiful edit of worthwhile screenshots, you can use another template, {{SBSScreenAward}} to award them for a job well done, or you can Thumb-Up their edit.

EditBold Edits to Articles Made Because of Project

EditProject UIBs

  • Add {{User Screenshot Uploader}} to your User page to produce:
Screenshot 2011 02 28 18 58.jpg
This user is a proud member of the Screenshot Uploading Product.

EditContributing Editors

  • User:Byankno1 (I can add screenshots and coach members.)
  • User:King Ikhtiar
  • User:TammySin (Specifically for wH articles (e.g. updating to new green wH layout))

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