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The Clean Up project is in need of members! Anyone that cares about the well-being of RuneScape articles is advised to join this project!


Not to be confused with the RuneScape Formatting Project, the RuneScape Improvement Project has less to do with pictures and more to do with serious edits. If you would like to improve RuneScape articles for the better, please place your signature in the names box below.


Existing Articles

  • Update all of the information to match RuneScape today. Phrases that indicate articles are out-of-date include:
    • Tutorial Island
    • Old/New Wilderness
    • Hitpoints
    • Black Marks
    • Free Trade
    • Trading Limits
  • Edit every article that instructs readers to break the RuneScape rules. If the article is about breaking the RuneScape rules, nominate it for deletion.
  • Improve the overall quality of the articles. All spelling/grammar errors must be fixed. Each article must meet wikiHow standards.
  • Ensure that the articles provide enough accurate detail to ensure that even a newbie could understand. Do not use terms that only experienced players would understand.

Existing Categories

  • Move all articles to the appropriate subcategories.
  • Make sure every RuneScape article is under the RuneScape category.

New Categories

  • If there is a group of at least five articles all dealing with a particular skill/set of skills/method that isn't already covered by a category, post on the wikiHow forums.

New Articles

  • Check all new articles to make sure the information listed is not against the RuneScape rules, and can help the average player accomplish something in the game.
  • Edit all new articles to ensure they meet wikiHow standards.
  • Create new articles that meet wikiHow standards. Ensure that the information shared does not condone the breaking of RuneScape rules, and that the topic isn't already covered by another article.

Minor Goals

  • Participate in the RuneScape Formatting Project. Note: The page itself may need cleanup.
  • Use the RuneScape home page as a source for each RuneScape article. This serves as free advertising for the game the articles relate to.
  • For more complex articles, take screenshots of you performing each step on RuneScape and add them as step-by-step images.
  • Add intro images to RuneScape articles. (Note: Do not use Image Picker; it tends to be unreliable. Instead, find a picture related to the article on the Internet, save it to your hard drive, and post it on wikiHow under "screenshot".) Add "Screenshot taken from Runescape.com" for the additional information/source.
  • Edit out intro images to RuneScape articles that have little to do with the articles themselves.


  • This is not the formatting project. This is the improvement project, so help improve.
  • Edits may be made to this page as goals are completed.
  • Names may now be listed on this page. Please, join the project and put your name up.
  • If there is evidence that each RuneScape article is good quality, this project may be ended.




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