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EditStatement of Purpose

wikiHow is a collaborative effort to create the world's largest and highest quality how-to manual. To increase the quality of wikiHow, through articles, as well as internet search engine indexes, the goal of this project is to provide direction and focus for cleaning up RuneScape pages and categories.

Projects intended to do this job are the Formatting Project and the more active Improvement Project. Support for either project is much appreciated.

To Do List

  1. Become very familiar and establish a knowledge with RuneScape's rules, which are as follows:
    • Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in RuneScape is prohibited.
    • Players may not exchange real world currency for virtual items, services, or currency within RuneScape.
    • Each account may only be used by one person, and cannot be exchanged.
    • You may not log in two or more accounts at the same time, and these accounts must not interact.
    • Players must not cheat or take advantage of errors within the game.
    • Players may not impersonate game staff or moderators.
    • Do not scam other players out of their account, items, or currency.
    • Free players must not hide advertisements.
    • Do not encourage other players to break the rules. As such, wikiHow articles that do encourage people to break the RuneScape rules must be deleted.
    • Players must not behave inappropriately or use any language that is offensive, racist, or obscene. Spamming, bullying, discrimination, and even solicitation are examples of breaking this rule.
    • Players must not ask for or give personal information or details.
    • Players may not give links to other websites, and must not advertise any website.
  2. Clean up the following categories:
    • Category:Making Money in RuneScape
    • Category:Making Money in RuneScape (Members)
    • Category:RuneScape Guides
    • Category:RuneScape Minigames
    • Category:RuneScape Pures
    • Category:RuneScape Quests
    • Category:RuneScape Skills
    • Category:RuneScape Combat
    • Category:RuneScape Cooking
    • Category:RuneScape Firemaking and Woodcutting
    • Category:RuneScape Fletching and Ranging
    • Category:RuneScape Mining and Smithing
    • Most importantly, Category:RuneScape.
  3. Revise articles to a proper English state. Misspellings by RuneScape-loving contributors must be fixed.
  4. Ensure all RuneScape articles are within the appropriate category.
  5. Edit RuneScape articles to the point where they meet wikiHow expectations.
  • A massive amount of RuneScape articles are a duplicate of another. Find the one with the most views, merge the content and create the necessary redirect.


This project could use a lot of assistance. If anyone would like to add more to this page or adjust the categories, it would be much appreciated.


  • ISMKW - An active RuneScape player that would like to see some decent gameplay strategies on wikiHow.
  • Teresa - Editor at large
  • Writelf - A not-so-active RuneScape player that would like to see wikiHow's RuneScape articles become more popular than the other RS wikis.
  • Tiagoroth - Non-active 5 year RS player.
  • Andrew - At least I know how to fix spelling and grammar errors.
  • TechFlash1 - A geek that couldn't resist helping.

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