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wikiHow's long term vision is to make a free how-to manual available to everyone on earth. To do this, we need to build wikiHow in multiple languages. The method we use to do this is described in the Language Version Process. Right now, the Romana language is in the "project phase" where we try to sign up enough dedicated volunteers to build a live wikiHow.

EditBuild a Team of Volunteers

We need to have a team of volunteers who are planning to contribute to a wikiHow in this language if we build it.

To sign up, first create an account and then sign your wiki signature below by writing ~ 4 times so it looks like ~~~~

  1. Write your name here by editing this page and typing ~~~~:

  1. Ictlpet-Hi, I am a native Romanian speaker and I've been studying English since kindergarden. I write on Wikipedia and Disquis in Engish. I speak English with my Chinese teacher (in my city there are 2 schools where you can learn Chinese). I might help WikiHow a lot with that.
  2. aztecul_dilit-I am a native speaker of Romanian, but I've studied English since I was 8, and this language is a must in studying for my carreer, which is Medicine, so I can be a translator for WikiHow.
  3. Lidia D. (talk) 17:31, 28 January 2015 (UTC) Hello, I am a native Romanian who did her higher education in English, so I have great knowledge of both languages :)
  4. Glory AJ (talk) 20:03, 18 August 2015 (GMT)Glory AJ I am a native speaker of Romanian and I study English since I was little (around 3) I would love to help this comunity grow :)
  5. Ciovu (talk) 21:24, 13 September 2015 (GMT) I am a native Romanian with high studies in English language, literature and culture. Also, I am an authorized translator by the Romanian government and have been working in translation for more than 3 years. I really think that my experience as a translator can be of use to the WikiHow team.
  6. Bobo (talk) 11:07, 11 November 2015 (GMT) I am a native Romanian too. I live in Cluj-Napoca and I want WikiHow to be used by our country. I'm free to help.
  7. NooK (talk) 11:23, 19 November "015 (GMT) I am a romanian and I would like to help translate articles.

EditNext Steps

Once we have enough people and are able to provide the engineering resources to support the Romana language wikiHow, we'll contact volunteers to help with the process of launching the new wiki. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at wiki@wikihow.com.

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