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Breathe free -- not depending on or allowing unreasonable interference (ie: intervention) by government. We (in concert) can cooperate (agree) at any/all levels for: highways, utilities, local governments, "independent" schools, trade, secure borders, courts and police power, but the intervention in individual enterprise by big or tiny government causes dehumanization (loss of individual rights), and we always need military facing outward, prepared to make-peace, as much as possible -- after good offense makes peace possible (and makes defense meaningful)!

We are balancing left-wing bias in articles, within the wikiHow policy of not promoting or criticizing a particular political party, candidate or official. By "right-wing", we generally claim those Right of the now leftist Democratic Party (U.S.), not only "Conservatives", but may include moderates (often called independents), e.g.: not dependent on government or parties to run your life.

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