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We’ve given our community the right to "fork" wikiHow and restart the project elsewhere if they should ever decide wikiHow "the company" is no longer the best steward of wikiHow’s mission. The text content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons, and the software is licensed under the GNU General Public License or other licenses as marked and available for free download. A fork would create a nonprofit organization, move the content and software to another domain, and continue building wikiHow without the staff and company that currently run the site. This “right to fork” guarantees that wikiHow will always be run as a business that focuses on achieving its mission.

wikiHow and Wikipedia are among the few online communities that enjoy this freedom. In most online communities such as Facebook, the software and content are the proprietary property of the controlling corporation. Users in those communities are locked into those corporations and have only one right: the Right to Leave.

Our software is licensed under the GNU General Public License and a copy of it can be obtained here. Our content is Creative Commons licensed and can be used anywhere under the terms of that license.

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