The Requesties Contest

  1. Our goal is to provide solutions to everyday problems.
  2. Look in the Forum for entry dates and deadlines.
  3. Answer two requests.
  4. Add {{Requesties}} to the top of your chosen article's Discussion page.
  5. Write in your own words; do not plagiarize. Work must have no need for a tag.
  6. Add your article, name, date and time of your revision below.
  7. Anyone, including you, may continue to edit your chosen article thereafter.
  8. Add {{RA}} to an editor's Talk page to invite others.
  9. Add {{VRequest}} to an editor's Talk page to encourage others to vote.
  10. Be sure to vote in the Forum. Look for an announcement of the winners.
  11. All entrants receive an award. The top five articles receive a surprise.


Example: Make a Hemp Necklace - username on October 5, 2008 at 22:00

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