This page serves as a summary to explain wikiHow's Redirects. Whenever an article is retitled or merged, the contents of the Edit page are replaced with #REDIRECT. This has good and bad consequences:

  • Good - #REDIRECT automatically connects to a new page with a more concise, more commonly searched title.

  • Bad - However, a #REDIRECT page remains on wikiHow and prevents the creation of a future article with the exact same title. This creates a significant problem if the #REDIRECT page has a title that needs to be covered.

  • Consider deleting a #REDIRECT page if the title has been changed and it no longer means the exact same thing. By deleting, the title is restored and made available to be used in the future.

    • Example: An editor creates an article on how to "Draw". Based upon the article's actual content, an Admin creates a more specific title about how to "Draw a Cat". Thereafter, the #REDIRECT page on how to "Draw" should be deleted; making this general title available to be used, once again, in the future.

  • A Double Redirect occurs when a page is merged twice. This is not a tremendous problem, since a #REDIRECT page automatically connects to the new page. That said, it is still a good idea to update or delete Double Redirects.

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