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This article provides an understanding of the activity in Recent Changes, which is also known as RC or RCP. Please continue to update this list with your favorite abbreviations and acronyms.

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A line on the Recent Changes page may appear similar to this(former appearance, but is nice to recognize when you look through your Watchlist):

‚óŹ (diff) (hist) . . N ! Make a Paper Hat; 12:34 . . Zack (Talk | contribs) (MT PaperCraft, some ce)

Abbreviations in Recent Changes

! "Needs to be patrolled!" (former tool only)Indicates that the edit still needs to be patrolled.
diff "difference" Click on this link to view two versions of an article. The left column is a previous revision. The right column is a current revision.
hist "history" Click on this link to view the history of an article. It includes the editor, date and time of each edit.
N "new" (former tool only)Indicates a new article or page.
newusers New Users (former tool only)Click on this link for a list of new registered users.
m "minor" Indicates a minor edit rather than a major revision.

Abbreviations Used Within the Edit Summary

These abbreviations and acronyms are used by editors to clarify an edit.

caps "capitalization" Capitalization was corrected.
cat "category" The article was categorized.
ce "copyedit" Spelling, grammar and punctuation was corrected.
FA "Featured Article" The article was nominated for featured status.
MT "moved to" The article was moved to another category.
nfd "nominate for deletion" The article was nominated for deletion.
oops An editor quickly corrected their edit.
pic "picture" An image was added.
q&d "quick & dirty merge" Two articles were quickly merged together. (This abbreviation is rarely used anymore, but could sometimes be seen on some articles' history pages.
redir "redirect" An article was redirected to display a second article in its place.
rm "remove" Text was removed.
rvv "revert" The article was reverted to a previous revision. (History pages now use the full revert and additional details to where the edit was reverted to.)
sp "spelling" Spelling was corrected.
wp "whitespace policing" Whitespace was removed. Rarely noticed now, but was used in the past.
WIP or wip Work in Progress user may come back to work on it later

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