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Started in the 70's by the same music movement. The point of the culture was to like the music, be yourself and disregard the angry emotions it may stir up. No longer a real culture, only a burned image with the values behind it lost, you can see it in stores such as Hot Topic. People no longer understand it was always about being yourself and not being anyone's shadow.

An excellent example of a punk article, is Be a Punk

Articles in Need of Saving

Be an 80s Punk

Write a Rock Song

Dress Cyber Industrial Punk

Appreciate U2's Music

Be a Punk Girl

Dress Punk at a Catholic School

Get the Rock Chic Style

Be Aristo Punk

Understand Post Punk

Make Punk Clothes

Start a Punk Band

Copyediting Team to the Rescue!

Completed Articles

Be a Punk

Spike Your Hair

Protest when You're a Teen

Make Your Hair Punk

Choose an Electric Guitar

Care for an Oral Piercing

Act Like a Punk Girl

Be a Skate Punk

Be a Mild Punk

Be Punk at a School With Uniforms

Led by D rae and Jaydoubleyoubee

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