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A wiki is a website which can be collaboratively edited by anyone. As such, wikiHow typically tries to keep all pages open for editing 24 hours a day. However in some cases admins may need to temporarily or permanently protect some pages from editing.

There are 2 layers of page protection. "Semi-protection" prevents only anonymous editors from editing a page. "Full protection" prevents everyone except wikiHow administrators from editing.

Admins have the discretion to apply full protection or semi protection temporarily or permanently when necessary. That said, our goal is to keep wikiHow as open to editing as is possible. Protecting pages from editing should be done rarely and should be a measure taken cautiously.

Instructions for Administrators


Admins are trusted with the discretion to decide when a page needs protection. To keep wikiHow wiki, aim to use minimal protection methods. Lean towards using semi-protection instead of full-protection. Try to keep page protection duration short, except in cases where the page will always be a vandalism target.

Never protect a page to solve an edit war you may be experiencing with a good faith user. If things get hot, ask another admin to evaluate the situation for you.


If you stumble upon a page that is unnecessarily protected, you should feel free to unprotect the page. Use your best judgement, doing something like unprotecting the main page would be inviting unnecessary vandalism.

Editing Protected Pages

If you choose to edit a protected page, please proceed cautiously as it may not be possible for anyone besides an administrator to edit any mistakes you make.

For Non-Admin Editors and Anonymous Editors

Non-administrative editors and contributors should feel free to request unprotection for a page that may be unnecessarily protected. They can also request protection for a page that is a frequent target of vandalism. This can be done by posting a request on the corresponding discussion page, or by directly contacting an administrator. They can also post on the Administrator Notice Board under the category 'Pages needing protection' and state a valid reason along with it.

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