Welcome Everyone! This is Wikihow Project Friends!!!! ♥♫♥♫♥

EditWelcome to Project Friends!

♥Project Friends♥


Hello! This is a project where we are being friends with each other! Make sure to check in the discussion page! We will talk in the discussion page!This project is for people who don't know how to use the wikihow chat(like me),and since we can only talk about wikihow on our talk pages,You can talk here(About both Wikihow & other stuff too), and be even better friends!

The Members-

Just add your name under here by putting a [[User: and then you WikiHow user name and a | line,then your nickname and finally a ]] you can leave a description next to that if you want!

  • Creator-Jayme ♥♫The Person who loves to make friends!♥♫
  • Member-Maddie 1st Member of Project Friends!
  • Vice President-Daylight Likes pillow-pets! And I like to make new friends!

EditSpecial Add-ons!

Our UIBs-

If you are in this project,add this UIB to your page. Just click the edit button on the Header next to the word that says Our UIBs and copy the UIB Userbox stuff, and paste it to you profile page. If you add your name under all the member's name you will instantly be joined in this project because we accept everyone to here! Don't be shy!!!

Teodor & Radioapan 2242.jpg
This author is in the Wikihow Project Friends,And would be happy if you'd join!
  • This UIB is the main Project Friends UIB. If you are in project friends,put this on your page.This lets people know if you are in this project,so it is important to have this UIB.
This Author would like you to click> http://wikihow.com/wikiHow:Project_Friends
  • This is for if you want to let someone to know a link to Project Friends. You should comment it on there talk page,or put it on your profile page.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE! if anyone knows how to weave the link into the words "Project Friends" than I'd be happy if you did.
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This Author would like to Chat with you in the wiki's Project Friend's Discussion page!
  • This is for you to let someone know that you'd like them to chat with you at Project Friends.But they don't have to join,anyone can talk in the Project Friends discussion page!
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This Author joined Project Friends at {mm-dd-yyyy}
  • Like a Wiki-Birthday or a Real Birthday,This is for Project Friends' Member's Birthday.At the mm-dd-yyyy that's where you'll put when you join. the mm means month,dd means day,yyyy means year.

Our Award-

This is the award for people who you've think done a good job in Project Friends,To use it type in... {{Barnstarfriend|Personal Message}} ...To make:

Project_Friends barnstar
{{{Personal Message}}}

Our Templates-

This is the template to welcome people to Project Friends,To use it type in... {{P_FWelcome}} ...To make:


Hello! I would like to invite you, Project_Friends, to the fantastic Project Friends at http://wikihow.com/wikiHow:Project_Friends This is a project where we enjoy being friends with each other, chat about many fun and interesting things, and be kind to one another! We would love it if you joined, and invite your friends to come join in on the fun too! :)

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