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We create and improve sims articles in Category:Sims.

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Project Sims

We create and improve sims articles. Please help and have fun!
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Our project mission is to help out articles in the Category:Sims. We want to make them better than ever. We will try to add images, more content, and maybe start new articles.

EditArticles In Need Of Attention

  • Tail the Thief in MySims Agents
  • Cheat at a Tomb in Sims 3
  • Have a Brilliant Party in Sims 3
  • Choose a Career for Your Sim in Sims 3

EditArticles Completed

  • Become a Witch on Sims 2
  • Cheat on Sims 2
  • Get Puppies on the Sims 2
  • Get Quick Cash in the Sims 2
  • Make Tombstones In Sims 2
  • Build a House for Cheap in Sims
  • Earn Millions of Dollars in The Sims
  • Make Your Sims Immortal on the Sims 3
  • Get Unlimited Money on the Sims 3 for Pc
  • Move & Place Dive Spots in Other Worlds (the Sims 3 Island Paradise)

EditArticles Written


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