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Welcome to Project Physics, a wikiHow project dedicated to improving existing physics articles and writing new ones at the high school and undergraduate level. We are looking for contributors who are knowledgeable in this field.

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EditRecent Activity

  • Category:Calculus - articles are currently being written on basic topics in vector calculus and ordinary differential equations.
  • Category:Electromagnetism

EditWhat We Do

  • Write high quality physics articles. Edit articles for spelling, grammar, and mathematical errors.
  • Write high quality mathematics articles. Although Project Mathematics is now inactive, the language of physics is math, so writing math articles helps readers to develop techniques useful in solving physics problems. It also gives room to emphasize physics concepts rather than having to be bogged down in the intricacies of evaluations, derivations, and proofs.
  • Replace equations/images of equations with LaTeX rendering. Priority goes to new articles and established articles with low ratings.
  • Merge similar articles and NFDing duplicates. Writing articles in the sciences requires the utmost precision - don't let all that effort go to waste!
  • Add relevant images and diagrams. Many physics concepts are counterintuitive when first encountered. Feel free to remove any images that can easily be replaced with LaTeX or do not contribute to the topic at hand. Let people behind Wikivisual know what's appropriate and what's not.
  • Recategorize articles. Recategorization makes it easier to spot duplicates and manage editing of related articles.
  • Vote on FAC (featured article candidate) physics articles. Occasionally, an author may nominate an exceptionally high quality article to be featured (on the front page!).

EditShort-Term Goals

  • Categorize the physics category into several subcategories. We're hoping the forum post suggestion will be honored!
  • Write articles on:
    • Electricity and magnetism
    • Special relativity
    • Vector calculus
    • Ordinary and partial differential equations


  • At least a high school education in physics. We don't compromise on quality, so you shouldn't either. Make sure that you are able to avoid misconceptions and correct errors on example problems.
  • Ability to do dimensional analysis. This includes verifying results are dimensionally consistent, pointing out answers that are not, and using the correct units. NASA lost a $125 million space probe over Mars because they were using the wrong units. We're better than that :)


  • Atheia (founder)

EditFeatured Articles

  • Derive the Faraday Tensor

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