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WikiHow wants to have the most informative articles with one page per topic. We already have certain basics covered and simply do not need another article on How to Apply Eye Makeup or How to Get the Guy. It's best to search wikiHow before writing a new article, because duplicates will eventually be merged or deleted.

How to Help

You can apply {{merge}} and {{NFD}} templates to duplicate articles. Search the New Article list, Stub list or any category. These may be short articles with no new information. When applying the NFD tag, mention the duplicate article within the tag or on the Discussion page of the article. This helps the community to vote on whether to keep an article.


We want to clean out the library and become the world's largest, highest quality how-to manual. You can get an award every month. Just apply ten NFD tags to duplicate articles and contact our leader.

Merge tags are not included, because very few editors participate in merging. If you do a merge, apply the NFD tag to the merge source and leave a note on the Discussion page of the article stating "Everything has been merged".

2007 Winners

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