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Project Management

wikiHow is hiring a project manager to expand an area of wikiHow that our users love. Your product will meaningfully impact the lives of over a million people every day. You will have the leadership position and full responsibility for this product. You will work independently at first but eventually hire a team of people to accelerate the project.

Job Requirements

  • You are that rare bird that is a high performer, while still humble.
  • You are amazingly smart, creative, passionate, detail oriented, action oriented and pragmatic, all at the same time.
  • You have a good eye for identifying great products or great experiences on the Internet. You don’t mind experimenting to find the best solution.
  • You are one of those people who is really good at getting lots of stuff done and you are proud of what you do.
  • You are committed to even the menial parts of completing a project.
  • You are fun to work with, and you don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • A passion or at least a strong ability in writing, educating, and reading will be helpful in this job.
  • We don’t care what you majored in at college. Great achievers come from all areas.
  • Bonus points if you've accomplished something significant in your life. Maybe you built a business, crushed a charity fundraising goal, paid your way through college, climbed El Capitan, danced 24 hours straight, roller bladed across Montana, etc. It could be anything, but accomplishing it will show us your ability to achieve a goal.

How to apply:

Share your cover letter and resume with over Google Drive. Set the privacy settings on your documents as “viewable by anyone with the link,” as we will share it around the office. In your cover letter, tell us why you think you are the best person for this position.

What is it like to work at wikiHow?

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